Friday, February 4, 2011

Thankful for Friday Nights.

I love Friday night when the whole weekend is still spread out in front of me and while we have plans and I know it will be busy, it's still a bit more our time and it will be nice. 
Thursday morning, 530 am found me in the basement with P90X Day 8 going on; back to chest and back or something like that. Push ups and pull ups like mad.  I think Im getting more used to it; I didnt have to watch them as much and I was able to do some things better.  Pull ups are brutal. I cannot even do one. I put a foot on the chair and manage to pull up on the bar, but Im not really doing pull ups. I try to remember that even pulling up some of my weight Im doing more than before. And maybe by the end I will be able to do one.

Push ups are better, I can do lots of those, and some are even going really well. Im trying to use good form but sometimes I resort to doing them from knees (such a chick) so that I can concentrate on keeping body straight and do a few more of them. Better than none. Dive bombers were so much better day 2...I could figure them out faster and I did 5 the first time with good form before I dropped on my face. I noticed on Tuesday that I had a pain in my abs - a burning sharp, not a sore ache; and suspect in the puke fest of the weekend I may have pulled something. Thursday I did not make it very far into Ab Ripper...the sharp pain became a stabbing and I am convinced Im going to get a hernia. I KNOW I wont. But jeez. I will try it again soon.

Running conditions in Balmy NS
 Thursday was another day off school - big ol snow storm Blew through! It was awesome, fluffy light snow, a foot of it, And it blew around enough to cancel school again.  I had no classes so I stayed in and worked from home with the kids; coffee and computer in the rocking chair works super well:):):)
Late in the afternoon I threw on the running clothes, figuring there was a chance the roads might be clear enough for a run. They were, barely. I thought the plows had the roads nicely pushed back but the drivers going way too fast on slippy roads must have thought otherwise, the looks I was getting.  and the shaking fingers. Shaking heads, swear words.  I tried really hard to stay to the side; when a wood loaded truck passed me on the bridge I stayed very still lest I slipped underneath; but it wasnt enough. They have way too much faith in their tires.  SIGH share the roads?  My active lifestyle should not be such a burden.
Anyway the slush on the sidewalks was unwalkable let alone runable so I did most of the running on roads. Barely any sidewalks anyway.  The loop was 8.6 km door to door and it took an hour. And 5 seconds.  SO slow!
A bath and sleep by 8 pm completed that night. So I could get up early and do Day 9 of P90X.  It was Plyometrics. The cardio in that program always leaves me a little..."that's it?" It's not that its not hard. Im used to more intense cardio.  And the rests in between? lots of those.  Not that I dont get tired.  Just not enough.
So after an hour of PLyo this morning I did 57 minutes run 8 km tonight while Taylor was at swim.  And the sidewalks were still not cleaned off. SIGH it is like running in sand. And I was weary and cannot believe I did not fall at least once.  SO hard!  Snow running deserves its own category of Hard Core. It was a perfect day; around 0 C, sunny by times, totally nice. (ok a little wind). My loop took me a lot of up hill and then rewarded with some downhill then flat for about 3 km. It's good.

Now tonight, pretty tired. Having a slumber party for some little girls.  I want to go to sleep; hockey at 7 am. Might get to sleep eventually.

I think my plan is to NOT run tomorrow; 3 days in a row anyway. Will get day 10 in sometime tomorrow; I think it must be legs but I dont remember.
I need to get a long long run in this weekend but I dont know where to go; these sidewalks are killing me with their 4 inches of snow/slush. I need roads somewhere.  14 miles in this weather is hard; calling for more snow tomorrow.  Banks are already at my waist and crossing them has been challenging.

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