Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Feeling super tired this week; I think things are stressful at work only because there is a lot to do and not so much time; things are good just a LOT to do. I spend so much time marking and making up lectures; no matter how far ahead I thought I was at the start of the semester, it did not last long. I hope to use spring break to catch up, get ahead. Read. I need time to read!
Anyway, Monday activities did not go so well, it's such a long work day. So Tuesday up at 5 to workout...Plyometrics in the basement. An hour of jump training and ive never felt so sluggish, barely getting my feet off the carpet. The weather report had me out for a run not too much later, before the wind got worse and wind chill; wind warning kicking in. I ran to town and back. It was really windy but not so cold as it was later when temps dropped into minus teens. I thought one direction would be better than the other ( home) but the shifting gusty wind and snow had other ideas. It was hard but I felt relatively strong the whole way. Including the sidewalks of town where the slush still rules, mixed with more dog poo. Can't they clean that off? The rest of the way was on the side of the road, which has gotten super icey but is now easier to run on. As long as I am careful not to slide.
14 km in 1:34 not too bad :) will get faster. Once ice melts lol.
This morning i was up at 5 am but rather than P90X I marked tests. At 5 am. By the time I came ho e tonight I wasn't doing much. I'm wiped out. The kids all have colds, Taylor worst of all. Annika has been coming to my bed. Stress at home is high.
Tomorrow will be better. Workout in the morning if someones plans aren't too difficult to work around.

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