Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 31

Ran with Tonya this morning, was so nice to have someone to run with. It was a nice relaxed run. On the trail out to the 236 and back again, about 5.8 km counting walking 5 at the start and finish. We completed the run with chai tea and a cinnamon bun at Fair Trade LOL!

Friday, August 29, 2008

August 29

Time to start running again. Havent felt up to it all week, every time I considered it I felt nauseated all over again ugh. Mental Im sure.
So I thought I would go for a nice easy short run this morning :) a few hills in it.
To do my time of 3X10 minutes I ended up going 6.5 km! 5.5 km of running :) 1/2 km walk at start and finished.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The 10 K Run

was awful!
I trained; I felt very ready
And then I got it. The FLU.
I went to the run anyway. I was sure that the worst thing that would happen is I would walk some. OMG was I ever wrong.
I tried to eat some breakfast and took some medications to help prevent any issues on the trail.
Sarah met me at the house and we walked down to warm up. Picked up our race kits and checked out the start line. Lined up pretty quickly and Bang we were away.
Within a few strides I had nice stomach cramps and couldnt even pretend to keep up with Sarah.
Did my first KM in 6:24 minutes. Feeling not too bad. About 2 KM in it got a little harder. And by 3 KM I was down to 7:30 kms.
By the time we got to the Old Barns road I was feeling very terrible. Dragging dead legs.

I should have stopped then lol

But I kept running. I ran past 5 km and almost to 6. When I came past Scott again I should have gone with him. But instead I started walking. I walked the rest of the way with this lady named Lauralee or something like that lol. She was very nice and the two of us were not last lol. I was SO sick I barely remember the rest of the walk. I was SO thirsty and my mouth was stuck together. I was dizzy and nauseous. What was I doing there? Finishing the run. At a walk. when I tried to run, I was very much going to throw up (which only happened once.)

at the finish, still walking but alive! Time?? About 1:27 plus, officially. We cooled off in the breakfast area, found the prize area where I found I WON the New Balance Sneakers (what were the chances??) YAY!!!! Then we headed off walking up the hill to home.
Honest, I didnt make it up the hill. SO nauseous. Brian picked us up and drove us the rest of the way to the house where I went to bed and stayed for the rest of the day. And the next day, actually.

And Ive not run since. Tomorrow is the day for getting back at it. finally feeling a little less sick although still not eating much. Tomorrow = run and gym. Oh and work.

Friday, August 22, 2008

August 21

Did my long run this morning; was supposed to do it last night. Too tired after climbing the ladder 10 million times.
I had mapped out around 8 km but it came in at a little less than that once I remapped a change of route. I only walked 3 short times and only because I felt like I should lest not being able to go further. And when I finished I ran up the hill by the house and I feel I likely could have gone further. That's all good news for the 10 K Im running in 2 days. :)

7.77 km in 57.28 minutes.

Next run will be the 10 K!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aug 20

did around a 5km run this morning, on the advice of a friend for training for the 10km this weekend; 2 short runs this week and one long one. I should have done a run yesterday, it was Run day, but I spent the day at the Ex for 4H day and it was a stinking long day, I was busy from 630 am on, and in bed shortly after 8 pm. Exhausting.

So run this morning felt pretty good but on measure was only under 5 Km I dont believe it because time wise and run wise it should have been over 5 km. took 35.5 minutes to run and mostly it was flat. The path isnt on the map so it is only a guess and Im not stressing about it being under 5 km. Obviously ;)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Run

wanting to start trying longer distances since I totally signed up for a 10 K (ugh what was I thinking) so this morning I decided to run out to the Old Barns road (should be about 7.5 K from my house and back) and I did it in about an hour with some walking out and back for warm up/cool down. Im tired, totally useless right now. Very stiff when I came home. I did 10 minute run 1 minute walk even tho I can do longer times, thought for repeating that 10 would be a good place to be right now. Havent been doing regular runs lately so backtracking a little is ok.
Im thinking the 10 K is going to kill me.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Joined Nubody's in July. I decided to leave Curves due to some unfortunate behavior by some women there (Sigh, Women!) and I am just too old for that crap.
So being a nobody at Nubody's is just preferable. Although I sometimes feel as tho I am floundering not knowing what is best to do, and Will continue my runs outside, not on treadmill, for as long as possible.

I registered for the Cobequid 10K run yesterday. I think I must be freaking nuts. I cant do it! I cant run 10 K! but I suppose I can totally walk some of it and who cares if I dont run it all! SIGH. I will run at least 7 km of it. IF I do better this week than I have done in the past 3. Will continue working on it.

I ran to Nubody's yesterday, about 1.75 km; ran it faster than I usually run and I did it in about 12 minutes. With 3 minutes walking included.

Ran home slower, 14 minutes; doesnt seem like it made much difference to run fast or slow, it apparently isnt that much of a change of pace :)

While at the gym I took an orientation class and I did the circuit 2 times. Dont see that being something I do a lot.

Need to try to get to the gym tonight and do some cardio; its raining now and couldnt go out this morning thanks to the soccer jamboree. Which went on for over 6 hours :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Running in Saskatchewan

was super hard. I thought the drier air would be nice but it was so super hot and I did find it hard to run out there.
Even so, I managed to go running 3 times :) I cannot believe I have not gone since we ran the 5km in Saskatoon tho.

I went to SK Wednesday and because of the time change, found 6 am a really nice time to go running lol. It was still hot hot hot. And I was awfully thirsty lol.
Ran Thursday and Friday mornings. Then the wedding "stuff" started and really just found I was up too late at night and didnt have a lot of get up and go in the morning on Saturday. These photos of the town or Warman where we stayed show the thing about the Prairie I think is neat; very flat, and as soon as you run past the town limits, its FARM.
The Saskatoon Road Runners Association River Run Fun 5K
Sunday mornning after we went to bed somewhere around 2 am (wedding reception and clean up) and listened to the rest of the merriment (loud drunken people stumbling in all hours) we slept for about 4 hours and crawled back out of bed, had some breakfast, water, and drove off to Saskatoon for the 5K River Run. There was also a Half Marathon and a wheelchair race going on. I was totally a wreck. Asleep on my feet. It was not the most ideal way to be running a race; Out of our time zone, in the heat, didnt run much the week before, and with 4 hours of sleep. I can see where it didnt start well lol.

The run area was beautiful. It was beside the Saskatchewan River. The flies were NASTY. There were not that many people there, there were less than 70 people total running the 5 K. And since there was no place to hide my camera, Ive no photos lol.

Scott and I started together and although I did pull away for a while, once my hip started to ache he passed me easily. He did eventually stop and walk awhile to run to the end with me. I note in the results he finished 40 seconds or so before me despite running across the finish together so I totally disregard the results. haahh

The run was up and down sloping hills the whole way with no flat. Glad I practiced all those hills :)
Finished feeling not too bad, collected some refreshments, our medals, and headed back to Trevor's house where we actually had a bit of a nap lol!!!

2012 km Goal