Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Running in Saskatchewan

was super hard. I thought the drier air would be nice but it was so super hot and I did find it hard to run out there.
Even so, I managed to go running 3 times :) I cannot believe I have not gone since we ran the 5km in Saskatoon tho.

I went to SK Wednesday and because of the time change, found 6 am a really nice time to go running lol. It was still hot hot hot. And I was awfully thirsty lol.
Ran Thursday and Friday mornings. Then the wedding "stuff" started and really just found I was up too late at night and didnt have a lot of get up and go in the morning on Saturday. These photos of the town or Warman where we stayed show the thing about the Prairie I think is neat; very flat, and as soon as you run past the town limits, its FARM.
The Saskatoon Road Runners Association River Run Fun 5K
Sunday mornning after we went to bed somewhere around 2 am (wedding reception and clean up) and listened to the rest of the merriment (loud drunken people stumbling in all hours) we slept for about 4 hours and crawled back out of bed, had some breakfast, water, and drove off to Saskatoon for the 5K River Run. There was also a Half Marathon and a wheelchair race going on. I was totally a wreck. Asleep on my feet. It was not the most ideal way to be running a race; Out of our time zone, in the heat, didnt run much the week before, and with 4 hours of sleep. I can see where it didnt start well lol.

The run area was beautiful. It was beside the Saskatchewan River. The flies were NASTY. There were not that many people there, there were less than 70 people total running the 5 K. And since there was no place to hide my camera, Ive no photos lol.

Scott and I started together and although I did pull away for a while, once my hip started to ache he passed me easily. He did eventually stop and walk awhile to run to the end with me. I note in the results he finished 40 seconds or so before me despite running across the finish together so I totally disregard the results. haahh

The run was up and down sloping hills the whole way with no flat. Glad I practiced all those hills :)
Finished feeling not too bad, collected some refreshments, our medals, and headed back to Trevor's house where we actually had a bit of a nap lol!!!

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