Wednesday, August 18, 2010

6 km Tempo Run

Just a quick tempo run this morning; stressed for time and heat lol.  cannot seem to shake out of bed at a decent hour.
Recovery from the run on Monday was uneventful. Rest day yesterday and back at it today with the tempo run which went well; 6 km in about 35:30 and 6.6 km in 40 minutes.  Includes warm up, cool down, and those freaking hills.
Tomorrow is hills day; 7 hills actually with a warm up and cool down.  Scott is away again so not sure how this is going to work SIGH.  By the time he gets home its too hot.  Not a decent hill for this sort of thing around here. Wont leave the kids and drive into town. Maybe just a regular 10-12 km run instead LOL. 

29 km this weekend coming up.  Im somewhat intimidated by this; it's uncharted territory and Im not sure Im mentally prepared. Physically no idea; I felt better on my 26 km run than my 22 so its completely weather dependent and fatique/preparation dependent I guess. Im just never really sure. LOL

Will see and try to formulate a plan this week.
Started going to work this week unofficially banking a few hours of "leniency" for some upcoming stuff lol.  It's cutting into my run time already!

And I passed 1000 km for the year this morning - 1006 something to be more sure...which was where I wanted to be by the end of this month; 2/3 done the year, 2/3 done the km.  But after the marathon I expect the miles to drop off somewhat, so it's likely a good thing to get ahead. The long runs in my future are going to put those miles on like mad I suspect :):):)

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