Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to "serious" running

Or something to that effect.  Not that I take any of it very seriously. Today is an example of how easy it is to be derailed.

Yesterday I was totally on schedule, getting out in the morning to run my 6 km/4mi tempo run and doing it ok with hills and all, 40:18 minutes for 6.4 km.  km warm up and cool down and 4.4 km hard running.  It was good.
Came home VERY sweaty and nasty, lol and Taylor comes upstairs and says Washing Machine gone crazy and water all over the floor in the basement. Sure enough, there was water everywhere, but after attempting to sop it up, realised it wasnt stopping and investigated; hot water heater leaking from every corner.  Shut water off, mopping up and calling plumber, noticed black cat (16 year old black cat) was missing, but in the mess didnt really have a chance to fret; power went out so no lights in basement, clothesline fell down so clothes full of ants.  Yesterday was too much.

after a sleepless night, full of thunder and listening for a cat who has been missing for 2 nights by now, just didnt have it in me to go do my hills workout in the pouring rain and thunder left over. And as of right now, its still pouring and thundering half an hour ago. I would like to still go tonight but Im not holding out hope and in my exhausted state, I dont care.  Off the rails.  But Its still a good week!  Tomorrow I can do my hills workout.

Keeping on to the marathon...

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