Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ticking off the Kilometers and the Pounds :)

Yay just updated my kilometer ticker at the bottom of the page....in the 8th month of the year Ive checked off over 950 kilometers!  My goal of 1500 for the year doesnt look so very bad! 

I am having a bad month tho...August is starting off SLOW! have done 49 km this month....and 26 of those were today!  Bad runner....i think that balance is off by a bit!  lol Something to work on for this month I guess!

Good newswise? Scale is settling and Im happy to say Ive reached the 30 pounds off mark!  I usually make the scale tell me this for a couple of weeks before I believe it has nothing to do with water retention/dehydration etc.  It can fluctuate so severely....in fact this morning on my long run I lost about 4 pounds....pretty much all sweat.  Its coming back on now lol as I guzzle water.  But Ive been looking at the same numbers for a couple of weeks now and Im determined to keep this off as well...no yoyoing for me anymore!  Its slow to come off because I dont make myself suffer to lose weight...but this way I figure it will stay off :):) We cannot train for a marathon and starve!  Healthy choices and healthy portions will do it for me :)

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