Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2nd Annual Beer Mile

Ive never done a Beer Mile before. I'd only heard of such a thing. But our running club did one last year and had the second this year :)  And I kind of thought I would go, as it sounded like tonnes of fun :)  Thing was, I was doubtful I could drink 4 beers and run 4 laps of a quarter mile each. Let alone, do it quickly.  Either way, I showed up to do it with a couple of friends to "support" but not run.  It was awesome to have them there :)  Beer Miles are a worldwide thing, done with some loose rules and humerous results.

At the start, this motley crew was brave and boastful. Ok some of them were. Some were quaking. I was quaking. I was seriously doubtful of being able to drink all that beer. That was a lot of beer. 
Note the 2 women.  Me and another.  Lavinia was a sport to make an attempt at this fun.  We were in support of each other lol us against the men!

The idea was when someone said go, we all opened a beer and started drinking. When we were finished it, we run a lap that was 400 meters around a grass field.  Wobbly footing made it even more fun.

Note the wig ;) I cannot believe he did the entire thing in that wig and glasses.  Funny.

First beer went down pretty easily; I started out by NOT guzzling the beer, thinking this could only end badly and I wanted to above all, finish the run. :)  So I had my drinks quickly, but in a controlled manner lol.

Finishing the first lap ;) it wasnt so bad although the footing can take some getting used to.  I do not run on grass as a rule; its recommended just not something I tend to do :)

More beer; Beer number two was easier, because I had already gotten one in and run a lap and I was like...I can do this.  Lavinia, due to her inability to burp, passed on a second beer and changed instead to running beside me, and later to girly drinks giving less beery burping.
Finishing second lap :) this one was fun because I was feeling dreamy and light and airy HEHEHE  And I do have great ability to burp, so I got rid of most of the burps by the first turn and got into running the laps ;)  While I was drinking my second beer or finishing my second lap, the guy (ROB) who won, finished his run in 7 minutes and 16 seconds.  Gee.
More Beer. See the fellows suffering behind me?  Im still happily drinking one mouthful at a time. No suffering. Im sure by now there had been one puke episode, not by me of course, Im still happily drinking.  These young fellows cannot hold their liquor.  LOL And neither can some of the older fellows.
I think this was starting my last lap but Im not sure. I got a little cramp after my third beer but it was nothing compared to some others and I just went right on drinking and running :):)  Another puke episode meant 2 fellows had to do some penalty laps ;)  I think my theory on taking time with the drink was good!  Somehow at this point Lavinia mentioned she thought I might be in third or fourth place. I couldnt believe that but looking around, there were a lot of guys still drinking and I was not!
On the last lap I passed 2 guys struggling along and finished strongly in 4rth place with a time of 16:57. WHICH IS GREAT! I showed well for the women!  And really, how many times am I going to be the first (only) woman and beat all those guys?  Apparently only when there is beer drinking involved. ;)

The finishers, no worse for wear :) The wig guy was second place :) imagine! And he says he doesnt run, just plays soccer.
Picking up my prize for first female!  lol a Tshirt!After the adults were finished being foolish, the kids had their first annual Juice Mile; (half mile) where they ran a lap, drank a large glass of watered down juice, and ran another lap.  Annika did both laps with Angeline and omg they were cute! They held hands a lot of the way and finished in second place!  CUTE!! 
It's nice to run something just for fun once in a while,  and although this year has had a few funny silly runs, this has to top them all!  we enjoyed some social time afterwards, and seriously this was not that hard.  I do think, having done it now, I could have done it faster and might next year.  Was being careful; might be more wreckless next year lol. 

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I Would LOVE to try this! I wonder how long I'd have to wait before driving home?

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