Saturday, July 31, 2010

LSD Week 7 or 8

I dont have any idea what week I am on.  When does a new week start? I might have just finished week 7, maybe starting week 8?  Dunno.

Played an "active" game of Ball hockey last night. feeling pretty tired today.
The kids were not home this morning so I spent a relatively quiet night alone here and then got up super early for a long run with Margie. It's awfully nice to have someone to run those long runs with; makes them seem a lot shorter. Drove to her house and we ran around Shortts Lake on some pretty main roads where Traffic wasnt too bad at start but picked up later. Started about 730 am (not bad considering its 25 minute drive to Margie's house from mine). 

It was a nice run, most parts. Some long hills but nothing too terribly steep and a nice change from my usual lonely, hilly runs around home. Im going to take every chance to run somewhere new and make sure this potential burnout doesnt happen.  It was, a long long run.  22 km is a long way!  LOL 23 km were on the book for the day; we took an extra loop to add km, didnt add enough so we went around the duck pond in Brookfield, added another km but we still ended up one km short and since we both skipped the 19 km run the week before, decided that was enough. 

Ate a bagel on the way to Brookfield; that was breakfast. Very little coffee beforehand.  Very little anything.

Had a snack break at about 10 km in; feeling ok here. Thirsty tho, drank half the water! Ugh. little cramp. 

Pee Break around 14 km.  Barely peed.  Drank the rest of the water. Yikes!  Need more water!

Tired around 18 km.  Sips of Margie's water but now she was out too :(

Nausea around 21 km.  Glad to get home.  Felt pretty crappy; hot, nausea.

BUT Margie has a pool (and a lake) and I took a suit!  We dipped in the rather cold pool (no ice bath, but cold) and I wonder....legs are feeling pretty darned good right now.  Once I had water was feeling better.  Cold pool felt better.  Layed around. chatted.  Had coffee. Felt well enough to drive.  Long run done for the week YAY!
Finished the month with a little over 152 km and feeling like a total slacker; some people run in a week what I run in a month.  SIGH.  But it was still a lot of running.  Easiest month in past 3.  Still loads of miles.  over 900 km for year so far I think!  Keep running!

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