Friday, July 2, 2010

URD and Quick Run

I had an unplanned rest day yesterday; there was no reason not to run in the morning before the Canada Day festivities kicked off, I just didnt do it. I did reason it out eventually that since we were going to be going to the Picnic Park and there were hiking trails and biking and stuff to be done, I would get the activity needed without the run and not tire myself out for the Saturday 10 K race.  But We didnt do the hiking and biking; we just sat in Lawnchairs eating and drinking coolers.  Good plan ;) once in a while we got up and wandered downriver to check the children, then we sat back down again. All I got a lot of, was sun.
Evening was no better; had those park friends back here for a bonfire/fireworks and drank more.  lol No running going on there either.

So this morning despite good intentions I was late running. I got up early and I made coffee and got some breakfast, then climbed back into bed and didnt stay up long. lol  It was like 11 am before I finally dragged butt out of the house for a run.  And although it was not too hot, it was pretty humid and I thought it was a good run but Scott was a bit hot. I ran with Scott again.  Up the road.  And my running was brought down a level by the 2 separate people who said "aw that's cute".  Hummm.  my running is cute?  Running with him is cute?  People, this is a serious sport ;) Its not cute. Particularly when in midrun one catches a glimpse of us. Sweaty and not really talking. Not cute ;)  Kidding.  But Because of ball hockey tonight and a race tomorrow morning I only did 4 km. 4 quick km, in 24 minutes including hills on both ends and in the middle. Was ok for a web run.

Cross Border Challenge Race tomorrow morning YAY :)

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