Friday, July 16, 2010


Just another weary week.  After particularly hard efforts (and I do believe the Saint John run applies) I tend to feel weary for awhile.  Not so much "tired" as I need more sleep, but every small thing seems to take extra effort and ~Sigh~ Im just not having the energy for that lol.  So this week has been very, very weary.  I hope I get over it soon. It has been a busy week and promises to be another busy week coming up.   Sleep won't cut it; time is what I need. 

And tomorrow = VP Challenge.  SIGH.  Its not long, 5 km. I dont have to run it hard, but the obstacles; ok really, the wall.  Im going to hit the wall. Literally LOL.  There is a wall and I cannot climb walls. I cant climb stuff.  I was THAT kid in school who could not climb the walls, the ropes.  I would get a few feet up and fall back.  While pretty much everyone else climbed ropes to the ceiling, hopped over walls and obstacles, I didnt manage.  Tomorrow that's all going to come back to haunt me when we do this obstacle course and Im supposed to climb a freaking wall.  WALL.  Crap.

I didnt run yesterday.  I should have. I didnt run the day before but for better reasons lol Funeral, torrential rain.  I dont mind rain but that rain was a bit extreme.  Buckets. But yesterday I should have ran. By the time I crawled out of bed it was hot and we had a 4H meeting (scrapbooking) so I cleaned up and got laundry going and did the meeting (4+ hours More crap.  That was a long time).  Then had a short rest, took the kids to soccer, watched Scott umpire, and home into bed. Weary. Serious weary.

Today I ran. On rest day LOL.  8.2 km at an easy pace for a finish time of 53:18 minutes.  Just a nice early, easy run.  Early - was up before 7 am and out running before 8.  Still, hot.  And humid. 

Tomorrow weather forecast is 27 C and Humid.  Chance of Thundershowers in the afternoon.  That should be just awesome, crawling through the mud, over walls, up Jacob's Ladder, leaping Hay Bales. LOL.  Should be awesome! 

Glad I got out today. it always feels better to go than to not.

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