Monday, July 26, 2010

And the runs go on

After getting back at the run on Friday I managed another run on Saturday, when we were camping in Five Islands. It was neat getting to see those Islands from another point of view, beside them rather than under them.  :):)  The camp ground was nice and the trails were rugged, with a lot of roots and mud.  Taylor and Lane came along on their bikes and I had to wait for them a few times as there was a long grassy climb up then a lot of mud with plank bridges over it and trees to get their bikes around.  Once we hit the road we stayed on it back to the camp site; it was hilly but much easier biking and running; the road back was very hilly and I left the kids behind pushing their bikes while I ran up and around and made it 6 km in 44 minutes (I did manage to turn off my watch and may be somewhat off.) It was hot hot hot when we went but a lot of it was shaded trails and it was cooler there. It was very hot later when we went to the beach :):)

Sunday was a rainy day and we had to pack up and come home and the rest of the day was somewhat a nothing day.  Nothing productive happened. 

But Monday; sometime a long run had to happen. I believe I am supposed to be doing 19 km this week.  My last few weeks have been very off program; 10 km race, 27 km race, 5 km obstacle race...and this weekend we went camping ;)  I figured if I fell somewhere between the  16 km I didnt do last week, and the 19 km that I was supposed to do this week, I would be ok.  I headed out a little later than I hoped (like over an hour late) and it wasnt too hot at about 19 C and humidex.  There was enough breeze that I was cool but gusts that were challenging.  By the time I got back to the bottom of our road I was 16.4 km in, and although not feeling too bad, Scott was there waiting and I could not imagine what difference that last .6 km would make, so I got in the car and claimed my Gatorade and went home.  16.4 km and 1:45:03 minutes, loads of hills.

Must get back on Program. Its going to hurt. LOL Retaining fluid and although it does not feel like I am, I must be eating too much because Ive gained 3 pounds and my hands and feet feel swollen.   salty food?  Need to get runs in.

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