Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Unplanned Rest Days

After Saturday feeling pretty ok on Sunday and we way slept in so decided to make it an evening run on the trail in Old Barns while the kiddies were at 4H And then on the way we decided to stop in and vaccinate a friend's horses but while there the dog on the farm unexpected BIT MY HAND OFF; ok the hand is still there but I wish sometimes that it were not :( Very bruised and crushed with punctures so rather than a run on the trail we had a trip to the ER for a tetanus shot which I was a good 12 years overdue for lol.  SIGH no run.
Monday was a scheduled rest day although I had planned to get up early and do the Sunday run;  slept in because I could not sleep the night before.  Some PTSD going on?  Annika was beside me when the dog bit and all I could think was It could have been her.  That dog MEANT to bite me. It was not out of fear; I knew the dog and had played with it many times before. It meant to do me harm. what if it had been her?  I lay awake half the night thinking about it.

So Monday I went away and was very busy and a little whacked in the head and I let it be a rest day. And my hand hurts. And my opposite shoulder where the Tetanus booster went ;) Whine Whine.

Tuesday morning; did not get up early but it is cloudy and humid but not hot hot.  So got a few things going here then went for a run.  Just a 6 km tempo run on the schedule; I went up the hill for a 10 minute warm up, 30 minutes tempo at around or below race pace (Im not sure what it means when it says to run at 6:30 pace when that is my warm up pace and I actually ran it at about an average of 5:45 for those 30 minutes) and then a cool down for a total of 7 km in 43:43 minutes.  Don't do the math showing my cooldown to be 3:43 minutes lOL. I walked up the rest of the hill likely taking another 5 minutes or so then I hustled around the yard cleaning and sweeping the driveway so Its not like I came home and sat right down.

It tried to rain on me but still have not seen that actual rain.

Now to do some stretching; got some resistance Bands and I cannot wait to check them out!  :D:D:D

10 km Tempo run tomorrow, 8 km run on Thursday, Rest on Friday, 6 on Saturday I think, and 16 on Sunday but Sunday is the Saint John Celebration of Greenspace run (27 km ugh ugh ugh) so I might adjust the Saturday run for a really short one and consider the long long run on Sunday to suffice ;)

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