Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot 10 km run

Left the house this morning at about the same time as the run is going to leave on Sunday; and it was hot.  Radio said 20 C with a "feels like" temperature of 27 C and although the clouds were present there was sun and little breeze;88% humidity.  Very warm.  But it was a pleasant run.

Weird tho, the way that huge effort seems to get you no where. I pushed hard and only managed to average 6:42 for an average pace.  over 10 km that is 1:07 for a time.  UGH.  I don't know if I am tired or if that is the effect of the heat but it was pretty unpleasant. Even on the downhill portions I did not maintain a decent pace.

Plan for another 8 km tomorrow to be done in the park; then rest Friday and keep Saturday super easy with maybe 3 little bitty km to loosen up.  Big run on Sunday.

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