Monday, December 26, 2011

Posting on Christmas

It is Christmas Day (only for about 25 more minutes) and it's been a long haul to get here but here we are, on the other side of Christmas again for another year.
Our family is very lucky to be healthy and mostly get the gifts they hoped for again.  I often think we are overdoing Christmas but I have no idea how to go back from here.

this week has not been too active; I was making the kids some christmas gifts and was spending tonnes of time working on that; knitting is not an active sport but rather a fairly inactive hobby LOL. So maybe possibly tomorrow morning first thing Im outta here for a run.

Tuesday last I pulled of a quick 6.66 km run (i know right?) in about 40:30 minutes.  It is now getting very cold on runs. And now it's snowy!  I also had tonnes of yummy food at a work christmas lunch; lots of desserts too! lol

On Wednesday I managed a lovely sunny (cold) 10.4 km run which was very enjoyable but I have no run since. SIGH.  My mother got me some grippies for my shoes; supposed to be good on ice. I cannot wait to try them out, seeings it is not only cold but snowy and icey here.

Wednesday night I played hockey with Holly Against her team; those kids did not hold back at all!  LOL.  10-12 year olds are tough! lol The parent team did beat them and we played nicely with lots of passing, to make a good example LOL.

Thursday morning was an early morning on the ice with Scott's work friends. With few spares our scrimmage was a lot of work and those players were also very very good.  Another tough workout.

I wish I could consider shopping a workout. We did about 5 hours of that.
The kids had their first of 2 Drama presentations at night and they did awesome :)

Friday was a rest day lol meaning I basically knitted and shopped.  It snowed all day. and because of the cold, the snow stayed!

Saturday I was up early. Ive been sleeping very poorly past couple of weeks, waking early after late nights to work on the kids' presents while they sleep. most looking forward to sleeping some after christmas.

I took a break and played Saturday hockey with the girls. It was good fun :) We only had a couple of spares so again  it was a hard workout with loads of skating sprints!

working on gifts and cleaning house until Christmas Eve, when we finally had a break for a family gathering :) then knitted til 2 am. Seriously. But got all of those stockings complete enough so that Santa could carefully fill them! (now I have to make myself finish them ;))

Christmas day was a lazy jammie day and although it was sunny it was terribly cold and we totally didnt get dressed. I comtemplated a run in my grippies and new under clothes but instead I had a long nap ;) I mean really after all of these 4 and 5 hours a night sleeps I have some catching up to do. Back on track tomorrow!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Deja vue

Because it is Monday again. Good intentions never seem to lead to follow through :)
Last Monday was exhausting. Lol it's not like anything even happened. Went to work, went home, repeat. Emotionally exhausting can be quite debilitating. After going home I put on some running clothes and went out for a run, taking road up to the Warren Road trail and then I crossed a big gully and came up in someone's back yard and then took road the rest of the way home for 9.6 km In 58:30. It was kinda fun. Somehow Monday night I forgot about a meeting; just too many things to remember right now.
On Tuesday despite good ish weather and decent temps I waited for someone to be free to go running with; and then she couldn't go! I'm hating running late in the day, I'm usually tired and almost always starving ;) I'm deciding at least right now I'm a morning runner ;) I went much later than i wanted. But I got 8.8 km in about 55 minutes SIGH it was nice out.
Wednesday just was a total write off.  I might have gone to Halifax and shopped my behind off.
On Thursday I managed a short 5.2 km run which I did at tempo and time was great right up until almost the end.  Then I unfortunately ran into 2 dogs that chased me right off the sidewalk onto the road and would not let me pass.  I inched past them trying not to let them too close...and I kinda yelled to the no one listening "would the owner of these DOGS please come get them??" but no one took me a bit to get past them and once I was far enough I started running again, they followed but from a distance til I got to the next cross road and crossed into the campus again. GRR. But it's MY dogs that are the problem? The 5.2 were done in 30:25 including dealing with the dogs so the running part was ok.

That evening Annika's team had a hockey practice; 45 minutes of skating time in.  The kids claimed I made them work harder than usual :):)

Friday was a nothing day. Ive been spending a lot of time working on Christmas presents that are WAY behind schedule. I should be working on that right  now!

Saturday was 7 am hockey scrimmage which was good :)  50 minutes of play time :)

But no run. I just didn't.

Sunday morning I got out for a run after the kids went to Church; 10 km in 1:01:15 which for my lack of real effort was better than I thought. Weather was CRISP.  I could not feel my ears.

After a short rest and some soup I had a hockey game; Our entire team was there for once and we won the game 4-2.  Our second win of the season!  SIGH.  Yeah we are struggling a bit.

After the game we had some sweets and drinks for Christmas and that party just went on and on until it was time for Annika's game a few hours later. WHere did the day go? LOL.  Annika's team had a great game and afterwards there was a potluck; I had not planned to go but I did, skipping our last soccer game SAD :( but when Annika looks at me with those BIG eyes and says Mommy you're not going to leave me are you? Won't you stay?  I can't say no to that.  After catching the end of Holly's game it was late and Annika and I climbed into bed :):)

Now it's Monday and I have a bit of a head ache and upset belly (hmm) and Im super tired.  Great start to the week :D


Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Again.

I cannot believe it's Monday again. I feel very much like I am behind and not getting things done :( it's been a wretched week :( Ive been inactive and sluggish and so busy at work and home :(

Monday; no time for anything; got the kids out for a walk. We went up the hill in back; it was SO muddy. Mistake not wearing rubber boots.  Not sure why I didnt. we walked total about 2 miles, half up hill and half back down. Steep trail we took's an old stream that spends half the year wet.  The dogs had fun but really wanted to be let off leash. If just Certain Dog would come was a super nice day tho and I wish I had made time for that run.

Tuesday I did make time for the run, worked from home a bit and in office for a couple of hours.  Did not make a lot of headway on the To DO list tho :( 8.4 km done in 11 C temperatures (I Know, December 6...too bad it was drizzly) 52:47 minutes.  Just in time to pick kids up from school lucky me.

Had to take Annika to hockey practice afterwards; went home for Holly's skates and took her on the ice too. We did a lot of skating drills and some shooting as well :) good hour skate.
The kids did not go to their school Christmas concert that night (for the littler kids...they are in choir so should have gone).  We had a 4H meeting/christmas party and I just didnt think they should have to miss that too :( Trying to do it all can be really hard.

Wednesday and Thursday totally fell off the wagon.  Noticed the cat, who is 17 and has been losing weight lately and sleeping a lot, and peeing a LOT, was looking particularly ragged :( Wednesday was busy with work and running around for kids and I dont really remember what else we did.  But by the time we got home it was dark and there was still stuff do to. Im working on knitting up some Christmas presents for the kids but that means I am on a bit of a deadline.  Like, Christmas is coming. There is no extension.  I thought I would go to basement and toss in a DVD but I did not.

Thursday was similar.  I saw the cat was bad, after taking the kids to school I went home and hung out with him, did my work from there :(  He couldnt walk very well and would cry in his sleep and when he tried to turn around. Not eating for days now, only drinking :( I wasn't sure he would make it through the night.  Told kids he was sick, so lots and lots of tears. Friday morning was even worse. The cat was worse,he couldnt walk and was completely out of it. the kids were worse. I took Holly to hockey practice and we had a nice hour skate, then took her to school and visited with Annika; she was sad in school.  went home,  and my poor 17 year old cat passed away that morning.  We were so lucky to have him as long as we did. It's still a bit surreal that he's gone.  Im still looking for him and I swear I hear him in the middle of the night. The kids have never known a day without him.

Being sad doesnt make me want to go out and run it off. It makes me want to curl into blankets and sleep it away :( It has taken so much to resist that urge. It's just not an option and half way isnt good.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday we carried on normal stuff. Saturday started with my hockey (an hour scrimmage) and Holly's hockey game was at noon, which she scored 2 goals at, and they won by 1 point.  exciting! The afternoon was quieter.  Annika was at a friend's house but we had to pick her up early for tears and coughing :( she is taking it very badly, losing this cat. Random tears, no sleeping, staring out the window at the tree where we buried him :(  Saturday night we took the kids all to the Bearcats game. It was a good game. Annika fell asleep before the end.

Sunday morning was typical crazy. Scott didn't shut off his alarm so I was awake at 6 am and once it was slightly light I headed off for a run; it was really cold, frozen!  6.4 quick km up the hill and back, 39 minutes. Got Annika off to her hockey game; a nail biting 5-4 loss. She plays super strong on the boards. 
After doing some car switching and getting Annika to church and Holly to a gift exchange, home and more working on Xmas presents and cleaning (fun) then off to my hockey game which we were short of people and we skated our legs off for a frustrating 2-0 loss. :( Couldnt get anything going.
Home to get warm and eat, off to hockey for Annika, another nail biter but they won this game and did so well!  :) then to Holly's game which they won, then to soccer game which we won; home for a snack before getting the kids into bed (really late) so late getting back at their christmas presents.  SIGH Makes for one Sleepy Monday morning all around!

Which is where I sit now. Monday morning exhaustion and now that I've stopped moving, Ive loads of time to contemplate the horrible turn last week when I lost my little buddy :( It's going to be a sad Christmas in my house :(

RIP Little Kitty :(

Monday, December 5, 2011

November Wrap up

Workouts: 36
Hours working out: 32
161.6 km covered.
8 hockey games and 6 hockey practices
3 soccer games
1 yoga
Best Running Week - 46.15 km
16, 361 calories burned
Longest Workout 14.4 km run in 1:22:30

Catching up

Because it's been, you know, crazy busy! :)
Tuesday after school I totally dragged the kids and all three dogs out for a walk.  It wasnt cold and we went up a trail I have always wanted to go up; of course we could not GO anywhere once up there, since it was just a blueberry field with no paths off...there was a little path off and we followed it for awhile through a very pretty mossy woods but the kids were worried we would get lost and I was a little watchful because it WAS hunting season and none of us had any hunter orange on or anything; so we only went a little way and then back to the field :)

 It was super nice and we did get about 2 miles of walking in. Then it was way dark and the kids thought we were going to get killed so off to home we went. After the kids were ready for bed I put in Yoga X and Annika and I did some; I put her to bed but she would not stay so I only got through an hour of it (the hardest hour) and then I had to stay with her. 

Wednesday was a busy day with classes that went on forever and a lab exam that went even longer than forever; it was not an active day for me at all! ;)  The last day of November was very windy, rainy, and nasty ;)

Enter December.  The first day of December was much nicer than November left us.  :) Not warm but much nicer! I grabbed an hour at the end of the day for a run; the littles had no school so they were with their father and after lab I changed and went out into the fading sun for a run around town; ended with 9.6 km in about an hour.  Friday was also a nice day albeit busy; despite the sun and warmer weather I somehow managed to leave my run until it was almost dark; I left from home and ran to a more lit sidewalk in Bible Hill and then through town where I met Scott and he drove me home :)  another 9.6 km again in about an hour.  It was SO cold when I was finished; despite the fact that it was actually +6 C which isnt too cold; it was humid (read: damp) and wind was in my face at the end and I ended up super cold. Stripped my clothes off and put on Scott's sweater to warm up for drive home. That will teach me to not pack some clothes in his car next time.

Saturday morning I was up and out bright and early for hockey; a nice busy scrimmage that left me reallllly tired. the rest of the day revolved around picking up kids for hockey, a little teeeeensy bit of shopping, getting home at almost dark, laundry, and watching hockey before sleep.  No run in. Need a rest day I guess.

Sunday is always so busy but CRAZY busy this weekend.  I was awake and needed a long run (Sunday isnt the day for this but no soccer this week so I went) I got up and did 7.8 km 47:11 before breakfast; then I took Annika to her hockey game; they played like crap lol.  No excuses this game.  After the game I took Annika to her grandmother's for drama while Scott took Holly away for a hockey game and I ran from town to home; another 8.2 km 52:30  all before noon!  Split long run which I hoped would make me less tired.

I did laundry and messed with the internet (it was out) and had some lunch then it was time to go to hockey. this was NOT a fun game; I do not like that team.  I got a goal and we lost the game and if I could say ah well it was fun then that would be good but it wasnt much fun.  SIGH.

After a quick shower and supper Scott and Holly and Taylor were out the door; Taylor to her band concert set up and Scott and Holly to her hockey game. Then Annika and I followed for HER hockey game; we did a huge pump-up in the dressing room and the hockey players actually started working harder for the puck and playing their positions and they BEAT a team they have been losing to most of the year. Yeah, this working hard stuff really DOES work (quote).  I wish I had been there; I left after the first period to get to Taylor's concert on time (which I was) and afterwards it was time to get home. 
Super busy Sunday :)

Now it is Monday and I feel very tired LOL. But it's sunny out and a run must be had at some point today LOL!  Because tomorrow might not be as nice and Wednesday is cold rain!

2012 km Goal