Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Again.

I cannot believe it's Monday again. I feel very much like I am behind and not getting things done :( it's been a wretched week :( Ive been inactive and sluggish and so busy at work and home :(

Monday; no time for anything; got the kids out for a walk. We went up the hill in back; it was SO muddy. Mistake not wearing rubber boots.  Not sure why I didnt. we walked total about 2 miles, half up hill and half back down. Steep trail we took's an old stream that spends half the year wet.  The dogs had fun but really wanted to be let off leash. If just Certain Dog would come was a super nice day tho and I wish I had made time for that run.

Tuesday I did make time for the run, worked from home a bit and in office for a couple of hours.  Did not make a lot of headway on the To DO list tho :( 8.4 km done in 11 C temperatures (I Know, December 6...too bad it was drizzly) 52:47 minutes.  Just in time to pick kids up from school lucky me.

Had to take Annika to hockey practice afterwards; went home for Holly's skates and took her on the ice too. We did a lot of skating drills and some shooting as well :) good hour skate.
The kids did not go to their school Christmas concert that night (for the littler kids...they are in choir so should have gone).  We had a 4H meeting/christmas party and I just didnt think they should have to miss that too :( Trying to do it all can be really hard.

Wednesday and Thursday totally fell off the wagon.  Noticed the cat, who is 17 and has been losing weight lately and sleeping a lot, and peeing a LOT, was looking particularly ragged :( Wednesday was busy with work and running around for kids and I dont really remember what else we did.  But by the time we got home it was dark and there was still stuff do to. Im working on knitting up some Christmas presents for the kids but that means I am on a bit of a deadline.  Like, Christmas is coming. There is no extension.  I thought I would go to basement and toss in a DVD but I did not.

Thursday was similar.  I saw the cat was bad, after taking the kids to school I went home and hung out with him, did my work from there :(  He couldnt walk very well and would cry in his sleep and when he tried to turn around. Not eating for days now, only drinking :( I wasn't sure he would make it through the night.  Told kids he was sick, so lots and lots of tears. Friday morning was even worse. The cat was worse,he couldnt walk and was completely out of it. the kids were worse. I took Holly to hockey practice and we had a nice hour skate, then took her to school and visited with Annika; she was sad in school.  went home,  and my poor 17 year old cat passed away that morning.  We were so lucky to have him as long as we did. It's still a bit surreal that he's gone.  Im still looking for him and I swear I hear him in the middle of the night. The kids have never known a day without him.

Being sad doesnt make me want to go out and run it off. It makes me want to curl into blankets and sleep it away :( It has taken so much to resist that urge. It's just not an option and half way isnt good.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday we carried on normal stuff. Saturday started with my hockey (an hour scrimmage) and Holly's hockey game was at noon, which she scored 2 goals at, and they won by 1 point.  exciting! The afternoon was quieter.  Annika was at a friend's house but we had to pick her up early for tears and coughing :( she is taking it very badly, losing this cat. Random tears, no sleeping, staring out the window at the tree where we buried him :(  Saturday night we took the kids all to the Bearcats game. It was a good game. Annika fell asleep before the end.

Sunday morning was typical crazy. Scott didn't shut off his alarm so I was awake at 6 am and once it was slightly light I headed off for a run; it was really cold, frozen!  6.4 quick km up the hill and back, 39 minutes. Got Annika off to her hockey game; a nail biting 5-4 loss. She plays super strong on the boards. 
After doing some car switching and getting Annika to church and Holly to a gift exchange, home and more working on Xmas presents and cleaning (fun) then off to my hockey game which we were short of people and we skated our legs off for a frustrating 2-0 loss. :( Couldnt get anything going.
Home to get warm and eat, off to hockey for Annika, another nail biter but they won this game and did so well!  :) then to Holly's game which they won, then to soccer game which we won; home for a snack before getting the kids into bed (really late) so late getting back at their christmas presents.  SIGH Makes for one Sleepy Monday morning all around!

Which is where I sit now. Monday morning exhaustion and now that I've stopped moving, Ive loads of time to contemplate the horrible turn last week when I lost my little buddy :( It's going to be a sad Christmas in my house :(

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