Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bluenose Half Marathon

Its been 6 days and Ive not written a recap on this run. It was something else ;) But the week has been crazy busy (aren't I on vacation? I AM!)  and Ive not sat long enough to do this! Sometimes I think its because I have no photos to go with it. Ok I do but they are so bad, Im maybe only posting one ;)

Like this one. This is before we left for the run in the morning. I took this so that Marjorie could see my shorts;) Short right?  Body Glide required.

So We got up very early and Toni and I were on our way by 645 which was actually kind of late, when we forgot that the bridge was closed and had to detour.   We visited bathrooms and stashed bags and did preparations (body glide, bandaids, bananas lol) and visited the bathrooms again, and rushing around to get to the start line which is reallllllly the hardest thing about the Bluenose. They set off in waves, the 10 k wave is right after the half marathon, and the 10 k runners all get in line and then stand there, so we were pushing our way through the crowds to get anywhere near the start line. ISNT THERE AN ETIQUETTE?

Anyway we got within earshot and couldnt get any further and started to see a few (very few) half marathoners so we waited to hear the gun (20 seconds?) and then we were off. Slowly.  Still avoiding 10 k runners.  And behind things like strollers (against the rules) and people who started out walking.  Typical start with 1200 runners lol.

Goals for this race? I didnt really have any. Training has been hit and miss, speedwork not so consistent, and I figured my fastest days are behind me (sad, really).  After my issues with a tweaky knee last year I was resigned to just keeping going.

So we started out running north (I think) on some rolling hill streets.  Pace was fast even with the hills and the first 5 km were all under 6 minutes with 28:40 for the 5 k time.
The next 5 were equally quick, and the 10 k time was 56:21, fastest ever.  It was extremely hot, and the water was not sitting well in our bellies.
At this point we were still dodging walkers and people who would simply stop in front of us :) Toni was sometimes in front of me and sometimes behind me. We were often able to chat.  I thought I was in trouble when I saw that 10 K time, since I worried we had gone out too fast to last.

At about 14 km we went into Point Pleasant Park which, although I knew was hilly, I was still kinda looking forward to because it's pretty and it's trail.
After the initial flat by the water where we had a great breeze, we hit the woods. Not only was it Much hilly, but it was hot. No breeze, flies in your mouth, people walking everywhere. Here I lost Toni because I started getting kinda sick feeling.  The pace in the park slowed to over 6 minutes; one km was over 6:30!   But I kept going as much as I could and got through the park and back onto the roads.
I never did find Gu packet giveaway, but I did find some little cuties handing out jelly beans, which was a mistake without a drink because I had trouble swallowing them. I had some water (yuck) and then  skipped the cuties handing out Gummy Bears :) I should have taken the orange slices or the beer someone was handing out LOL

The last about 3 km were hard.  I heard I was around 2:03 pace a while back, and figured I had messed that up. I dont always keep track and wondered if previously I had been on this pace and slowed so much at the end that I had poor times.  I had a little kick at the end but didnt avoid being passed by that guy ;) There were some hills but we did not have to climb Citadel hill lol so its good. 

I finished in 2:05:08.  A new Personal Best for me!  I was not expecting it at all!  :) that made it much better!  I think if it had not been so hot, I would have done a little better, but really, I went as hard and as steady as I could maintain and that's as much as I can ask. I might want to consider more consistent training to get under 2 hours!

After the run I walked through the chute and got a medal, continued on to the Metro Center. I got a glass of Oasis juice; the chick asked if I was ok. I must not have looked so "hot"?  LOL I was ok. Then I found the chocolate milk booth SO HAPPY; went through the food spot for a banana and some yogurt, and found the kids and Scott. We went to the spot for massage but the line was way full (need a massage after that 5 k right?) so we didnt stay for massage. Just went off to Annika's soccer tournament and after she finished we headed home. I was very glad to be free of Ball Hockey for the weekend.

Bluenose 2012 was a big success for me!

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Gaspegirl said...

That is fantastic! I love the shorts and look at your leg muscles!! You are insanely fit now Scrappy-T-Bear!!

Congratulations on your new PR, you continue to amaze me!

Make it a great day!

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