Friday, May 11, 2012

When the Sun Shines...

You will find me trying to get outside in it! :)
Wednesday night...I totally opted for the book. In fact, the rain was such that soccer was cancelled. I am so glad I had my run done, because it only got worse. I think the wind was the actual reason, rain with gusting winds is not productive for soccer.  So after arranging to get the kids all where they needed to go, one didn't need to go, so I seriously crawled into bed with a book and never left again, even for supper ;) SO tired!  LOL
Thursday was SO windy!  What a weird day. It was forecast to rain but the rain held off for the longest time.  There was actually some sun, missleading with that nasty wind. I thought my car was going to tip.
In the morning when there was no rain, I actually had a visit from my mother, she brought me snacks and a daphne, and we toured my building, and then when she was off and driving again, it was almost time to pick up the kids.  We killed a little time over coffee while Holly was at run club, and then a little more while Taylor was getting out, and by the time we were free for an hour, it was raining! 
Rush to get some food into the kids before heading off to pictou County for soccer practice and the drive in the rain was unpleasant.  I think my car was sliding across the road and I had just been reading about a mother/daughter who had died 10 years ago coming home from soccer after hydroplaning so all I could think about was use sliding off and dying :( So I drove very slow. And the rain and wind continued all night. I didnt run and I hate working out at night so I didnt do that either. I went to sleep.  Another day written off.

So We made a plan and Friday morning Toni and I went for a run earlier. I went to work for a couple of hours and then we ran a quickish 8.25 km in 52 minutes.  I was TIRED.  Annika woke me at 4 and didnt let me go back to sleep; SOMEONE decided to do the dishes at 5 am (wasn't me)...and Alarm at 6 I almost wanted to smash it.  UGH. So I was lacking energy and then my ankles started to ache in that "these are old shoes" way which is kinda sudden lol.  My shoes are old. Both of them.  Time for new ones.  That made me super annoyed because it was a long way to go. But we ran up a steep hill and at the top they were hurting less so it could be too many rest days this week?  SIGH.

Now I am finishing up here so I can pick up kids and hike with their school this afternoon.  I think an early night will be appreciated tonight.

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Gaspegirl said...

Sounds like another crazy, busy weekend to me! It amazes me that you put on so many running miles despite your busy schedule.

Make it a great week!!

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