Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rain Rain Rain

I think it stopped raining for awhile this morning but when we went out it was raining again and the wind was gusty. Lucky it was warm.  we did a short quick run, 7.1 km in 43:30, with the headwind for half (loop) and rain to cool us. I wore my coat (warm!) and unzipped the vents which means I became a parachute! The coat blew right up like a balloon lol.

It felt like work.  I checked the schedule; I was supposed to do 10X400 intervals. I am thinking tonight while Annika has soccer I might go do those intervals. Or run hills. 10X hills. I hear there is a perfect one in Truro that those in the know use.

Or I might sit in the car with a book. I ran today ;)


Ali Mc said...

I'm choose the book too ;) I hate speedwork. But results are nice! sbut you're right - you did run today! lol

Gaspegirl said...

I laugh everytime you say that you went for a short 7+ km run in 40 minutes... I sometimes wonder if you realize what an athlete you have become?! I am proud of you girl!!


Scrappytbear said...

1. I chose the book. I DID run hahahaha.
2. Mamma Marge you are sweet! :) It did take ages to get there but I totally need to be doing better! LOL I know, I know.

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