Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Never seems activity is balanced; it's either loads of stuff or no stuff. I guess rest days are super important and I usually try for active rest days, but days like yesterday are tiresome.
So after lunch I put on the running gear and crammed in a run; didnt expect the distance but it was like 12.45 km!  Whoops. 1:18:40 was the time. I figured I was JUST in time to pick up Holly from School but I was caught in the hallway with a chatty someone to whom I could not comfortably say "sorry can we do this another day I gotta pick up" and besides I thought Scott was getting her; so late getting Holly :) Luckily she barely noticed, she was playing with friends on the playground and she IS 11 so its not like she's a baby SIGH. Yeah felt a little bad.

After work and supper Annika had her first soccer practice which seemed to go super well. Taylor took Maggie to the dog park but she got so worked up she came to soccer practice and we took Maggie back to the dog park where she was fine.   We walked around that thing like 4 times before we headed back to get Annika.
Then taylor went to TKD while Annika went to a 4H meeting and there were Maggie and I with nothing to do; so we went for a walk on the trail for another 2.5 km. So just a lot of moving around.
No wonder I didnt want to get out of bed this morning.

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Ali Mc said...

Sigh, I feel you ....I'm coming off an injury, so my millage isn't there yet, but some days are just so tiresome. I like rest days....relaxing rest days :)

I wouldn't feel bad about being late, I'd probably just say "sorry I was late" :) which is not uncommon for me, I'm always late! lol

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