Monday, May 14, 2012

After the uneventful weekend

In which I sabotaged my plans in order to manage the kid's busy schedules. So mine wasnt that eventful.
Friday night was a quiet evening just as I had hoped. Actually so was Sat night. I think we are officially boring old people.
Saturday I took the kids to the Hub Town Fun Run (photos to follow) where they ran the race track for a little less than 2 laps (making it...a little over a km?  It's a little random IMO.)  There was registration and a lot of wind up - dancing and school spirit stuff, skateboard demos, Tae Kwon Do demos, chatting parents. Then everyone is warmed up and ushered out onto the (horse) race track, where they line up and run.  I waled across the center field to catch them on both sides :) where I had to "encourage" them to keep going since they go out too fast in a crowd and tend to be very winded and cant breath. I cant convince them to pace themselves. 

I was kinda dressed to run all day.  I had on running clothes when we went out to see the kid's calves at the farm, then were supposed to go to bike shop for some dream shopping;  but we stayed at the farm until it was raining and too late for a run since Scott and T were heading out to a 4H babysitters.  Frustrating when I took off my running clothes eventually and headed to bed.  Sleep was hard to come by. It was a busy day but I was needing a proper workout!

Sunday morning was Mother's Day and this in itself was a little frustrating since the kids wanted me to have breakfast in bed...I can't just lay there!  I snuck out of bed and did some laundry and stuff then when a kid woke up I got back in bed, but breakfast in bed didnt happen quickly nor did the gift giving/song was just way slower than I had hoped, I wanted to be running by 8, it was more like 9:10 when we finally got going.  But the kids had their fun :)

The run was therefore cut short; 9.5 km in 59 ish minutes, rather than the 14 I wanted. I felt kinda great considering my lack of sleep, my irritation.  I wanted to go the whole 14.  Ah well, will do that Monday.

Got ready and went to Old Barns for Mothers' Day lunch, took kids back to town for 4H dairy meeting and for Taylor to go to Drama.  Happy Mother's Day ;)  Rather than going home to garden I sat at the meeting and We played with Holly's goat for awhile before going home. Motivation sucked away, I napped rather than doing something.  SIGH. 

After supper our team played a ball hockey game; the team we played is a little slashy but the game was good and we got the only goal to win our second game of the year :):) There is hope!

So now I am going to change my clothes and head off for a nice run.  I am super hopeful that I can recapture the great feeling I had yesterday but this IS Monday and Im breakfast - deficient, Coffee - deficient, and have no lunch at all. This makes for one cranky person. 

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