Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is It Really Only Thursday?

This has felt like such a WEEK and honestly I thought this was Friday.  LORD I could use a break.
that's not to be this weekend. Way too much going on.

Recap last 2 days:

Tuesday was a brute. Moving and shaking it all day.  After my run and work time, picked up the kids and got Holly off to soccer with friends. Then we went to town and went looking (again) at bikes.  I wanted a bike, but did not want to invest what was needed for a really GOOD bike.  but seriously, some people have a gym membership? I now have a really GOOD bike. :) Happy Mother's Day to me?
Much apology for the terrible photo :)
My new (nameless) bike is a Specialized Dolce Sport :) now I am totally committed to a Triathlon. at least I better be.  It will be great for cross training right?

So we bought a bike while I felt slightly nauseous, I got a crash course in the gears and breaks and stuff, then I rode that thing home. It was a little over 7 km from the store and I did it in a leisurely 17 minutes.  With barely a sweat. I could really start to enjoy this thing. 

After I stuffed down a super fast and gross supper of Cheese and Shells, I ran out the door to run at the Rec Park with some Ball hockey friends.  Its good for us to get out and do some endurance running and also maybe some sprint practice.  :D we had a lot of fun, doing walk/run for 4.2 km in about 40 minutes or so.  I think they really enjoyed it :):):)

Wednesday was a road trip day.  After taking kids to school and doing some work, we headed off to PEI for some new sneakers!  My old marathon sneakers have 1180 km on them and my newer sneakers (year old!) have about 780 km, so it was kinda time for new shoes :)  I stayed with the Asics Gel Nimbus sneakers because they really worked well for me and have lasted a really long time.

And I wanted a neat colour so these are what Im going to run in for the next year or so :)

Wednesday night we had Taylor's TKD testing for her Orange Belt.  The test was SO hard lol but she kept her cool and did super well :) Now she has a bright orange belt :):):)

Workout wise, Wednesday was a non-starter for me tho :)

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