Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lots of Moving :)

People who move tend to lose more weight or be less overweight so moving is a big deal around here, no matter how we are moving. The kids walk and bike, I run or work out, Scott has been walking even the dogs have walked more and run in the yard more.
Not a lot more moving on Sunday; We took the dog and kids for a walk up the street.
But Monday there was activity!
At noon we walked Toni's Dogs :) We went 4.75 km and it was chillllly :)

After the kids went to bed I went downstairs and after a lot of debate, I put in P90X Legs and Back. Debate? After long run, legs are supposed to rest. But I could go slow. Not ready to do Chest and Arms again. No point in doing Plyo or Kenpo when resting. What to do?  SIGH.  Legs and Back it was.
I sort of took it easy. As easy as one can and still do the exercises. Then I finished up with Ab Ripper X and went to bed.

Tuesday May 1 started a Yoga Challenge - 30 days of yoga daily with Run to the Finish.  I did the 30 minute Path of Yoga on Eastlink TV and after doing Yoga X, I found this pretty cheesy! :) But I did the whole thing :)

After work, Music Festival, Work, kid pick up, Music Festival, and home, I changed and headed for a run with Toni; 8.75 km in 55 minutes. Came home for supper, walked dogs and kid, rest for night. SIGH.

Tomorrow and Thursday are going to be long days in the city; might have to postpone runs for evenings if I can make myself go. Long days need extra motivation and determination, I lack the discipline but will try my best! :)

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