Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moving on....

So now into another weekend and I managed to play hockey before I hurried off to Holly's games in New Glasgow :) good games. But Sunday am I got up and ran; I first ran to work where I did a few things on the computer for students who needed results, then ran back home for lunch and a hockey game. 9.15 miles/1:37. And no pain n my foot! Nice rest and stretch in the middle likely helped.
Hockey game was a little tough tho; pretty tired.
After a bit of rest I had a soccer game and we had no spares so it was a lot of running; but we lost the game :(
Monday ended up being a rest day; Tuesday was not! Lunch time hockey game, and a 5.32 mile run (8.8 km) in 53 mins.
Wednesday was snowy and wet; kids had no school. Went for a run with someone new; a group of ladies in the area want to meet for some weekly runs and we met....1 more person! With the little bit of snow everyone else stayed home! A short 3.7 miles later we were done!
Thursday was a rest day; because i sat and watched time pass and procrastinated til it was too late to run. Friday we were leaving for the valley early as Holly had hockey Provincials :) I went out very early and ran before we left; 8.5 km again. Because I did not run the night before, I was treated to a slushy, Icey wet run. There was again no school. That should teach me not to procrastinate but it won't!
Holly's hockey was great; we had a nice visit with my brother and his family and my mother.
Between games on Saturday I decided to try a long run; Coldbrook to Berwick seemed about right. It was 16 km and a bit. I left a little late as it was my nephews birthday party; weather was nice but there was a headwind....the whole way :( at about 11 km Scott called and said the next game was about to start and suggested he come get me. While the game went on I finished running around the track in the rink; lots of pauses to watch the game :) another 7 km for 18 total. No pain.
No Sunday run, no hockey, no soccer. New week!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Over 500

this morning's run put me over 500 km for the year so far :) Im super happy about that because its been some nasty weather and Ive kept active and totally feel better for it!

March Break is Over

Not that it means much to me anymore; my kids stayed home for a week and I really went to work a lot. This is a busy time at the Uni as the term is winding down and 4th year students are finishing up their major year-long projects; which means lots of proofreading, statistics being run, meetings being held; it was a busier week than usual and I feel really terrible about missing the kid's time at home :( Luckily I am home with them all summer, so I hope that makes up for the week they just spent a lot of sitting at home. resting hahahahaha

Monday I laced up and went for a run with Toni :) we did our usual route and completed 8.9 km without any pain in my foot. Im not naive enough to think that means something LOL.  The kid's hockey schedules are a little less over March Break (minus the tournaments) and so my evening was pretty free :)  Did stretch after the run :)

Tuesday....ok all those days are running into each other. I believe I took Tuesday off from running on purpose ;) I could not attend noon time hockey so I instead went to evening hockey at the stadium which was fun :) but it was late and by the time I got home and showered and wound down a little it was late. And my kids? staying up late on March Break. Taylor had 3 friends over for the night and although they were a little quieter than usual they were still up very late :)

Wednesday was another work day and it wasn't a short one :) Annika started her March Break tournament so I went to work, to hockey game (they won) back to work, then had student meetings before heading for another hockey game (they won) and then Taylor had a 4H meeting so I ran home to get her (late) and got her to the meeting; Annika and I sat in the car, it was terribly windy and a little damp.  Home and any potential to be "active" was gone; more like comatose in a chair and to bed. Kids? Up kinda late again.

It rained a lot overnight and there was Thursday was better; its a quiet day at work and Annika had another game of hockey (they won) so I was in and out of work, I went early to run before I had an appointment with my Osteopath and was not allowed to run for the rest of the day :(
It was a nice run; but cold but I had some nice views of the flood (which made driving around this town very hard) and I got in nice 10 k....but my heel hurt very much. Right from about 4 km onwards. Ouch. I have been running on the ballof my foot to make it feel less intense but it is starting to make my left knee sore and I worry.
Osteopath appointment was nice, she worked on my sore foot and my very sore hockey-abused neck, and I left feeling better....and that continued...
Annika played hockey right away and they won again :)  So they ended up in the semifinal game the next morning at 7 am which was awesome ;)
Up early and into the hockey game then off to work where the day was fairly low key....Annika's final game was in the morning and they won that so it was awesome :) Her first gold medal! 

So that was awesome for her :)
After work and supper I went for a run with Toni.  I am having some trouble with my late afternoon/supper time runs because even if I have a snack, Im really hungry!  So this run was super late because I ate!  And then let it settle. I actually had to go find Toni who had started running, I parked and joined her then finished after she went home :) we went 15.5 km and my heel started to ache at about 5 km.  It totally pains and throws off my stride and makes my other leg and my back hurt.  I need to fix the issue before I end up with a worse problem!  My runs need to get back to over 20-30 km again, before any chance I had of running a marathon this spring end!  after May there isnt much to choose from!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Things are winding down in a hurry

I can feel it changing as we speak!  The weather is improving and the hockey season is basically over but for some tournaments and provincials!  Work is starting to be a little nutso which must mean the term is coming to an end, there are tonnes of things to mark, tonnes of things to prepare, students finishing up some pretty major projects, getting ready for graduation...its all happening so fast!

I admit it, as much as I love my job, I am totally covetting those weeks when I will be finished working, and my own kids are still going to be in school. I have great plans of the things I am going to accomplish in the house cleaning; but in reality none of those things are all that likely ;) more likely I will get lots of time for knitting and running. Lots of swimming. Loads of biking. I cannot wait!  I am almost giddy!

So here I sit at work, taking a break from thinking about what animals are thinking, and I thought I could catch up on the blog that no one is reading (except you Char!  :))  I have to remember I write it for me first! 

Last Tuesday I did not get my time; I played hockey at noon and worked very hard and took Annika to the bookstore and took all the kids home; so by the time I actually wanted to run it was crappy out and time was minimal so I actually used my own treadmill at home; Ive a new to me treadmill which is miles better than the ancient one I have which isnt much good for running; the new one is actually much better!  It is a little narrow and I might eventually fall off but I found running on it much easier than the old one.  I did 400 m walking warm up because I literally got up and walked to the treadmill and got on; no warm up.  Then I ran a mile, the ran faster for 2.5 miles, then cooled for .5 miles.  Walked for about 30 seconds (48 ish total) then got changed and headed off to my first Zumba class with Holly. This class was put on for her hockey team and although I dont know how much they actually got out of it, they really did enjoy it.  I am SO uncoordinated; a few times i just stopped and watched because I could not figure out where her feet were going. But it was a fun distraction! I've now done Zumba!

Wednesday after work I met a friend here at work and we ran to her car.  It wasnt far for her but I continued on for another few km to get 10.3 total km (1:06). It was pretty nice out. 

Thursday what happened? LOL I might have thought I would take the kids home and go on the bike or rest or something but in reality I didnt go on the bike.  Annika had a hockey game in the evening, the first of her team's playoffs.  They won their game which was good. But Thursday afternoon is seriously a total blank. 

Friday the kids had no school.  after work I tried to get my long run in. It was brutal!  I ended up delayed and then started out at 345 knowing I had a time limit; wanted to get done for Annika's second game and I knew I wasnt going to have time for my 27 scheduled km.  I might have to push back the date of my marathon!  And I need to stop having those thoughts.

Anyway it was nice out but very windy, and I ran out into the wind so that I could enjoy a nice ride back on it. Which worked out quite ok.  I ran a rather hilly loop, and was quite enjoying listening to my podcasts (Vinnie Tortorich) and then I felt it.  ouch.

Last week at the hockey tournament, after the long run and the first game I felt very sore in my right foot :( It was reminiscent of the case of PF I had a few years ago but I didnt give it a lot of thought and it was less in the morning. But at about 7.5 km into my long run this week, It kicked into high gear.  It started to hurt a LOT. So much, in fact, that I actually felt like limping when I walked and it was totally changing my gait.  And soon my opposite knee started to hurt a little too; this is the knee with ITBS that kept me out of training for a marathon 2 years ago.  ouch!  Thinking this is something to worry about. BUt rather than stop, I kept running. For like 14 more km! 

When it was almost time to go to Annika's game I called Scott and asked him to pack me some clothes and pick me up for the game.  He brought clothing (what was he thinking?) and a coat, and off we went to hockey. Lack of stretching was obvious.  22.1 km finished, slowly thanks to the foot pain that did have me limping :(  2:34:34 :( We sat in the cold rink for over an hour, but they won their second game so it was all good!

When I got home I put ice on my foot, stretched it a little, and went to bed.  In the morning I went and played hockey and it was sore but not bad. What was bad?  My neck!  I could barely turn it right or left!  UGH what a case I was!  I pouted around all day, putting heat on my neck...
Annika's team lost their game in the morning but were still in the league championship game that night.  We kicked around the house and then went to her game where they lost the championship but Annika totally got a goal!  :) Its a celebration for her!  :)

baby girl in the starting lineup!

Sunday I mapped a route in my head for a nice sunny run but it wasn't to be since I had Annika home alone (duh) but she had a hockey game in the new Rath Eastlink Community Center, and after that I had a game at the wee rink....I made it to most of both lol.  We lost our game and I played badly thanks to my inability to turn my head SIGH but after we got home I pit on my stuff and ran out in the nice warm weather (5C!! Spring is coming!)  and it was so nice I went 13 km over rolling hills.....without a spec of discomfort in my foot!  WTH?  I did have an aching hip but that isnt a new pain! 

Im not going to knock it, will just keep on running!  Ive self diagnosed before and always refuse treatment! :):):)

Wait what? How is Triathlon training? muHAHAHAHAH.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Blows me away

How fast time is passing.  I feel like I blink and a whole month has gone. It's MARCH now.  And I have not blogged in 9 days when I thought it was only about 4.  Im hanging onto my schedule by a string!

This past weekend was a complete blur and I realise a) I am too old for drinking, b) I don't have thick skin.
I was away overnight with friends at a hockey tournament and all the hockey and lack of sleep and the beers and shooters I enjoyed have kicked my ass.

Ok Last Tuesday was Taylor's birthday. My first baby is 15 years old!  I played hockey at lunch time and before supper I managed to run 10.3 km but I dont know where I went and how I fit it in lol.  that was a long time ago ;) the weather has been decent and its allowed more enjoyable running!
Wednesday I did 6.6 km. I was interrupted a few times by phone calls and texts lol but the run was good. I was HUNGRY I hate running at supper time. 
Thursday was crazy busy so I didnt run. Or anything.
But Friday I got up and ate a good bagel and took the kids to school and THEN I did my long run. Ive not been quite hitting the distances lately, with time constraints and weather.  But this week I only had scheduled a half marathon (granted it was a race but it didnt need to be).  SO I decided to go further than the 21.1 km, decided where to go, and went. The weather was calling for some snow/rain mix with winds and it didnt disappoint.  But it was tolerable. What wasn't, was my route.  SIGH.
I like the route that goes to Hilden from Truro on the back road, and then back again. But what I dont like, is I added a trip up to Lower Truro through Millbrook/Power center. This is where I had a PITBULL-like incident last year. I was sure I could avoid that area by going across the highway at the PC, but I didnt really account for other dogs and my extreme anxiety.  Extreme!  Every time I saw or heard a dog, I felt stressed!  It didnt help that there WERE loose dogs and there was a tied dog that ran out onto the sidewalk with his tie!  Little long, yes?  So I hated that section. Once I got back to Lower Truro I did feel better but it takes a lot out of you.
I have been running listening to podcasts by Vinnie Tortorich rather than music. Its entertaining and informative although I dont agree with everything, its good for thought.  I dont mind people who say what they think and dont care what others think of that ;)

Long run done, 23.17 km in about 2:40, it didnt map or record for some reason so I am just guessing.
after the run I went home and showered and packed and headed out the door (after an omelet) to a hockey tournament. NUTS right?  Yeah we went off to Eastern Shore to a hockey tournament we had NO business being in.  And later in the afternoon I played a game of hockey. I was SORE and tired and That feeling lasted all weekend along with some nausea so I think I had a little something.  we lost our games badly but we had some fun in the evening with drinks and food and conversation with some very FUN ladies so its all good to have a night away. I do believe tho that I am too old for this sort of fun anymore.  I wanted sleep SO bad. Nothing to do with a long run and a hockey game at the end of a week of work.  And in the morning I couldnt sleep, and I got up early feeling crappy, had a shower which much improved things, had a decent although notvery tastey breakfast, and played 2 more games of hockey, won a draw on a set of knives, got hit in the head causing sore neck, and went home to a hockey game in our home town, at the brand new Civic Center just opened that night. It was super nice!
 the Truro Bearcats won this game and then I finally got to go to bed in my own comfy bed.

Next morning we were at it again; Annika had hockey and Scott took Holly to her hockey away game, while I played locally and then had a little rest before 2 games of soccer that night which actually went better than the rest of the weekend; despite my sore neck I had fun (thanks, Muscle relaxants) and we actually held the second game to a 0-0 tie. We are on a bit of a role!  LOL lord its all relative.

Monday came way too soon and I really wish for a Sunday do over without commitments LOL  After a full work day I almost had time for supper before taking Taylor to TKD and heading off to swim with the Truro Triathlon Club as we had a Benchmark swim. after warming up I did 400 M in 9:36 minutes. That's crap but its the first swim since August so I have only up to go right? 

2012 km Goal