Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moving on....

So now into another weekend and I managed to play hockey before I hurried off to Holly's games in New Glasgow :) good games. But Sunday am I got up and ran; I first ran to work where I did a few things on the computer for students who needed results, then ran back home for lunch and a hockey game. 9.15 miles/1:37. And no pain n my foot! Nice rest and stretch in the middle likely helped.
Hockey game was a little tough tho; pretty tired.
After a bit of rest I had a soccer game and we had no spares so it was a lot of running; but we lost the game :(
Monday ended up being a rest day; Tuesday was not! Lunch time hockey game, and a 5.32 mile run (8.8 km) in 53 mins.
Wednesday was snowy and wet; kids had no school. Went for a run with someone new; a group of ladies in the area want to meet for some weekly runs and we met....1 more person! With the little bit of snow everyone else stayed home! A short 3.7 miles later we were done!
Thursday was a rest day; because i sat and watched time pass and procrastinated til it was too late to run. Friday we were leaving for the valley early as Holly had hockey Provincials :) I went out very early and ran before we left; 8.5 km again. Because I did not run the night before, I was treated to a slushy, Icey wet run. There was again no school. That should teach me not to procrastinate but it won't!
Holly's hockey was great; we had a nice visit with my brother and his family and my mother.
Between games on Saturday I decided to try a long run; Coldbrook to Berwick seemed about right. It was 16 km and a bit. I left a little late as it was my nephews birthday party; weather was nice but there was a headwind....the whole way :( at about 11 km Scott called and said the next game was about to start and suggested he come get me. While the game went on I finished running around the track in the rink; lots of pauses to watch the game :) another 7 km for 18 total. No pain.
No Sunday run, no hockey, no soccer. New week!!


Char said...

I see from the picture that it's still the middle of winter there. We've been having a really long summer too and I'm pretty much over it by now.

Char said...
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Scrappytbear said...

it cannot decide if it's changing seasons yet! It snowed this morning! and was SO hot on Sunday!

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