Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter and a Great Long Run

It's been really spring like here. For NS that means warm sun interspersed with snow and freezing rain. LOVE it. You never know what you are going to wake up to!  This morning I opened the curtain and saw the ground coated with now. Really coated.  And I admit I was surprised although I thought nothing would surprise me about NS weather.  Where did that come from? 
I had some pretty non-existent runs last week.  A lot of them! LOL Monday we started our end of the year hockey 4 on 4 tournament.  Expectations were low.  Monday did not run as it was a long day of work, last Monday double lab, finishing at 5, and hockey was at 6, as were many other things the kids had to go to; poor Scott.   I went straight from work to hockey, where we played and lost game 1 :(
Tuesday I went for a run before work, since Tuesday morning is a lnog lab....and the afternoon is kid filled! I played lunch time hockey, then watched Taylor at her badminton Districts where she was playing girls doubles; their team advanced to Regionals!

then it was time for tournament game #2.  We played a tough team but it was my night and we won and I got a Hat Trick!  :) First real one :) in a tournament to boot!  A good game :)    For me anyway :) 
wednesday was a day off hockey tournament but after I rushed through work and lab I went to watch Badminton districts again, Taylor was playing individual Singles and she again advanced to Regionals :)
We stayed so incredibly late at the badminton tournament, home and bed was the only option :)
Thursday was a day of relative freedom. The day before a long weekend, it was a good day at work (long) and fairly stressless.  I went for a run (11.3 km) before going to a friend's place. My plan was to get her to have a few drinks, as we were playing their team that night in the tournament.  Did not go according to plan as she matched me drink for drink and handles that a lot better; it was an ok game but we lost, and although I may not have played my best game, I totally gave it all.  We started a social hockey time in the dressing room and moved it back to my friend's house to continue until about 1 am :) Talk about tired the next day;
A holiday, Good Friday, day off work.  I did not do a lot, spent some time knitting and did housework; I did go for a short run as sitting around all day does nothing but make me feel like crap and a nice short run stretched out my legs and made me feel like getting going!  The Tournament game Friday night was semi-finals, and we played a team that should not have beat us. But they did. we just couldnt score. And lost in a shootout...because I was totally nerved out and didnt lift the puck over the goalie SIGH. Yeah my fault. 

So the tournament was over. just like that. Kinda like our season....we didnt win much all year. 

Saturday was a day in Halifax.  Holly had a party at go-karts and laser tag, then dinner with the hockey team.  That's all over, her hockey season is done. And because of family reasons, Annika's season ended as well; we did not go to the planned tournament that weekend in NB. 

Sunday was Easter Sunday, it was an amazingly sunny day, the kids had a nice quiet morning then we went to lunch with Scott's family, and after lunch I ran home from there, taking a few extra km and running over the large hill in town to increase the variable hills :) see that hill in the middle?  Rivals the hill that takes me home took 3 hours to go 16 miles; this isnt a particularly good time. I cannot blame the weather; it was so sunny and quite warm; in fact too warm.  It was a great run; when I got to the end I decided Scott could pick me up at the bottom of our road; but I got there faster than I thought and he wasnt there; so I ran to the top; once I had decided to stop, it was super hard to keep going but I was so close to 16 miles, I couldnt see a point in stopping.

There was no nausea on this run;  I had half a Cliff's bar and energy drink on the way. I was super thirsty when I got back, although I hadnt run out of drink, I wanted a big cold drink.  I wonder if when the hot weather comes back, will nausea return? Or have I got it figured out, cannot go without a bar and energy drink? Maybe plain water isnt enough.  I have a new energy drink, that I dilute quite a lot so I am getting a lot of water, with the electrolytes in it and not a lot of sugar, no chemicals, no artificial stuff (well the flavor must be. )

Successful long run! 

Ended March with around 219 km run.

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Char said...

I blame the weather if I run slowly and it's warm. It takes quite a lot out of us to regulate our body temperature when it gets hot. Our hearts work harder naturally and that's without even running.

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