Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Out and Back vs Loops

I was reading a blog this morning talking about a monotonous out and back route taken over almost every run.  The thought gives me nausea.  This runner liked the consistency of the same out and back route, as it gave her confidence on her long runs. Whatever works, get out and get it done.
But the thought of running the same route would be enough to send me back to bed.

I do not like out and backs unless I have someone to talk to :)  I prefer loops.

I almost never run the same route more than once every week or so.

I have a few familiar routes that I can run in a pinch because I know well where the challenges are, how long its going to take, and I dont have to guess paces and times.  But if I had to run them over and over I wouldnt go. I know I wouldnt.

But recently I have struggled some with my long runs.  The first time I was marathon training I had someone to run almost every long run with. My partner had no intention of running a marathon but she ran my long runs with me, right up to the end.  And now she isnt running long distances anymore, and I have been going most of my long runs alone.  This, along with the memory of stomach upsets from last summer, the trouble I have now with dogs feeling super threatening (PTS?) and the foot pain from a couple of weeks ago, have left me putting off the runs, or allowing them to be put aside for "more important things" I would have skipped previously.  Getting them in during the hockey/soccer season was challenging, but now the schedule has cleared and I still find I feel paralysing fear when I am getting ready; to the point of nausea. It's ok once I actually get out there, but getting out the door can take hours. 

I definitely feel better or at least more accountable when  I am meeting a friend.  But that has rarely happened due to schedule conflicts and I cant seem to get anyone to meet me even for part of the run.  In fact, I cant get people to come out for even a 5 k; new runners think I'm too advanced (if they only knew) and previous partners might not be running much anymore....either way, much of this cycle of training has been solo and its not helping :(

Last week I ran 3 times other than my long run. Some were good, some felt like I was wasting time.

I cannot seem to shake the 4 pounds hanging around from winter. Maybe I need a cold hard reality check on my diet. It's not clean and certainly not sugar-free. I am weak.

Ive not run since my long run(s) on Sunday. Monday was a rest day *much needed and Tuesday I played noon hockey and had planned a run later on but due to unforseen circumstances that didnt happen.  I really should have hopped on the treadmill to avoid the slush falling from the sky but was left with absolutely no get up and go :( its going to be a long week :(

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Char said...

It's not good if thinking about the long run makes you feel like you're going to throw up. I've had times when I'v been nervous about long runs too and the way I get through it is by giving myself an out. I tell myself that I can always walk or I do a route that I can make shorter or tack distance onto. Invariably I get the job done.

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