Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Running for Fun

This running for fun again is just for the birds LOL.  Im aware birds do not do a lot of running. But seriously I am about as undisciplined as possible when it comes to getting the runs in. I make plans and then when something gets in the way I feel frustrated and let it get in the way rather than finding a way around it.  Take yesterday. Work was pretty busy all day so I planned to get out for a run after lab, before Taylor got finished swimming.  Then a paper jam in the computer kept me behind, so I arrived at the pool later; had to pass in some stuff by a certain time so I did....and then I thought it was too late for a run, and that Taylor would be right out.  I waited and waited, feeling frustrated that once she came out there would be no run because it is too dark to run at home and I was leaving town and was really tired and would not come back to streetlights. 
of course, Taylor took a very long time to finish up in the pool and even skipping her shower she took a long long time in the locker room and I likely could have gotten in the run. SIGH but I let it go, I waited inside, I drove home, I went to bed right away and I stayed there until morning.  Ok I was pretty tired lOL. 
So today I got up with new resolve and a plan, and went for a run from work right after class and before any other commitments :) and I actually went :) weather was chilly, but nice for a run, a little hard on the face but very nice. I followed a path I had wanted to check out for ages now, a piece of the TransCanadaTrail that I had no idea where it would come out.  I found it came out very near the end of another piece of path so I followed that until I was near campus then I took a few minutes to figure out where THAT little new piece of trail went in the other direction but when it went far out of sight I turned back because I had gone 8 km and I was in a time crunch :) Time really flew!  Super nice trails and if the weather stays nice I might actually get to figure out where that last one comes out :):):)
so a Success today :) I ran and it was for fun. Now what is going to motivate me to go tomorrow? :):):)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Feast or Famine

Seems there is either little activity accomplished here (Yesterday: Annika's Hockey game at 730 25 minutes away, Holly's at 930 25 minutes in the other directions SIGH and Annika's second game at 12 in the middle left us tired and doing NOTHING in the afternoon SIGH )  Or super active days (Today).

At the rink by 8 for Annika's practice and since I am helping coach I put on skates and made like an assistant LOL. after dropping the book ends at the church and seeing the middle child at her grandparent's house I went for a nice sunny and frigid 9.6 km run :) That wind was raw and despite the mildish temps (around -1) it was hard on the face so I ran into town and then back out to the car Brr. Had the wind been down it would have been amazing :)

Home and showered and then "rested" for a couple of hours before my own hockey game; it was a rough game but we came away with a 2-1 win and no permanent injuries. But now Im realllllly tired LOL.  There is enough hockey around here on the weekends to keep someone super tired; when are long runs supposed to happen? Completely off any sort of schedule here and floundering with no direction!  I require goals!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Active Friday

Friday was kind of funny weather wise with clearer weather in the morning (teaching and working) and clouding over later with snow and rain mix (when I was less working and more baking birthday cakes for newly 10 year old Holly :):)) and due to the weather AND the hockey, no run was accomplished. So far my run miles are about 1/2 what they were only a month ago SIGH.  But a game of tough pick up hockey without spares, followed by a family skating session in the evening where Tag was the game of choice (until we were caught by the public skating police SIGH) provided some needed activity. That noon hockey has become less of a casual skate and shoot and is more contact and speed and skill every week. Starting to feel awfully inept out there SIGH but I keep on going.   Family skating was late and teen-filled and not really worth it since it was late and both kids played hockey early on Saturday; not something to be done often.

Run today? Hockey tonight?

Friday, November 26, 2010

beating the rain

And getting out ahead of it was nice; I even saw some sun on my chilly windy 8 kms yesterday!  And I did note, no butt pain in sight!  BUT. Shin Splints. Seriously??  Mild but, present. Maybe from those hill repeats?  UGH.  Stretching!
I managed to activate those kids somewhat last night too!  And!  I went shopping. With purpose, so no moseying along. Power walk all over the mall and downtown Truro! Yes I did find what I wanted; just the right boots for someone's birthday!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

km Repeats in the park

this morning was damp and chilly around 0C with the rain/mist and the fog. Perfect running weather yeah!  LOL I dressed and took the kids to school and had planned to go to the trail and run out and back for about 6.4 km; in the parking lot at T's school I almost literally ran into Jill; her little blue car is hard to see in rain and fog and gloom!  So I parked near her and she was going for a run! Behind the school there is the park access and we went up there to the 1 km loop from the JH meets and ran some repeats!  The trail is down hill for the first half km and up hill for the next .65 km for a total of about 1.15 km per lap.  I liked the down hill even tho it was complicated by the remaining snow, ice, melting water, and mud we encountered; going back up hill I found to be a challenge.  On the first lap I turned a corner to a steep uphill covered with snow and ice and I slipped.  From then on, climbing the hills was hell for my imbalanced left hip and not great for my right either.  Although it's not completely accurate to say that my ass hurts it was close HAHAHA
We finished 5 X 1 km loops and the recovery of that little .15 in between for about 6 km total; we were wet and muddy and it was a totally good workout.  Left me wanting a little more; that's a good sigh!  Particularly with the numbers that met me on the scale this morning.  I keep telling myself that WAS after breakfast and I was dressed, but I wasn't wearing a small elephant.  Just jeans.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Got the Run IN :):):)

Ugh it takes about 5 minutes to lose any fitness you gained while doing tonnes of running for months and month.  5 minutes!  Sheeeit I felt like a fat old cow on my run tonight. I felt uncomfortable in my skin all day :( and it was not improved by clothing that felt uncomfortable and jackets that felt heavy SIGH
I did ok with eating less but not really great and I have to continue to work on snacking less on things i like and less of them. We had fish for supper yum.

Anyway after a serious delay thanks to a difficult to avoid work situation I did get out 1.5 hours late LOL and only had a chance to get in 5 km before Taylor had to be picked up at the pool.  But home and supper and shower reall felt good. The route was up hill for 1.5 km then rolling for the rest with a nice long downhill but in the dark and on a main road with ice and some really awful road conditions like holes and large gravel in the dark; it was challenging but good to get back out :)

Early day at work tomorrow but might actually get in another run; determined if I cannot fit a long run in then I am going to do more short runs; some people run every single day! LOL

Yes this is what I am doing instead of running

Reading blogs. Yup. Ive not run in 4 days. 4!! It's been so busy! Ive spent to much time finishing bows and doing work and finishing bows and watching the kids playing hockey and playing a little hockey and finishing bows....yup bows are done. 
Check this video I LOVE IT

Much thanks to MissZippy who's blog I found it from :)

I might get to run today :(:(:(

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ooops I did it again

Waited. and waited. At least it was not cold when I went out and ran 9 km in the rain. The 9?  That was likely punishment for waiting so long but it really felt good!  :):):)  It was warm, I felt better having had my lunch rather than going while hungry, and the 9 were not with any great effort ie time was not great but neither was the pain :) Hip is not too bad!  both sort of bothered me while I was running but not so much later! :):) It's good :):):)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


means I ran in the rain today. And I made myself do it because it was my punishment for having procrastinated.  I mean, I could have gone while it was just cloudy but I instead went back to my office and did not do the run...then it was raining.

I think I was just hungry ;) I wanted something to eat and I was pouting and my belly was hungry ;) and I felt gross.  So I had a snack and it set badly and I waited to feel better then I finally just went.  And It was raining LOL.  Not a lot, but variably and the entire run.  Which was only 5.3 km and because I was hungry and weak, (lol) was pretty slow at under 33 minutes. 

Now I have had lunch and I am leaving for my massage. Life is hard. Im hoping this hip thing will resolve shortly! Im gaining too much weight. see up: Always Hungry.

Monday, November 15, 2010

After such an amazing Friday filled with lovely weather and a perfect run, great time at hockey, running to the Running Room in the afternoon to try on jackets for the upcoming Resolution Run, and then a Candle Party, Saturday morning came FREAKING early.  Up at 5 am, in the car and on the way to Dartmouth by 6, Taylor in the water by 730, and swimming her events shortly after 8.  I found seating and I have to say I guarded it with the help of the friends sitting with me.  It was SO hard to get a seat at the swim meet!  certainly not set up for spectators, despite the event being heavily attended by parents and guardians watching their young ones swim.
Taylor had an amazing Saturady; she swam 3 events in the morning while I struggled to stay awake and guarded my seat; she had personal best times in all :) Then we had a break and went to the Mall for shopping...poor kid was so tired but she followed me around the mall for 2 hours before we headed back to the pool and had a nap in the car.  Sent her back in to the meet for the evening session Where she swam 2 more events and had 2 more personal bests!  Granted she did not "really" compete last year, and her times were certainly better this year with all her practice and attention, swimming with the older group has really improved her form!  :)
Despite all the down time, I did not get out running on Saturday.  I hate to leave the pool while she is swimming, did not want to miss anything, hated giving up my seat.  was Super tired.   We spent the night with Auntie Jessie and Harvey, And again got up early, and headed to the pool.
Sunday morning I did it differently. Taylor had warm up then a long break before her first event.  The weather was again perfect (sunny, just above 0) and I dropped her off at the pool, changed my clothes, and headed for a run. Around Dartmouth!  Im so brave, lol directionally challenged and unfamiliar.

I headed out of the Sportsplex and went right across the MacDonald Bridge.  It was great :) So sunny and warm, great view of the Harbour, nice hilly workout LOL. That's the bridge that we go over in the Bluenose run :)  Familiar, but different having to run it on the pedestrian walkway LOL. Better view.
On the other side I did a little loop and headed back to the bridge at about 15 minutes, not wanting to miss Taylor's swim.  I crossed the bridge and finished 5 km near the Sportsplex.  Went inside sweaty and gross, and waited about 20 minutes before Taylor swam; another personal best time :):):)  I talked to her before going back out and running another 5 km. this time I stayed on the Dartmouth side of the Harbour, going up behind the Sportsplex and along some more quiet roads.  I kind of got lost and wandered a bit before someone told me how to get back to the main highway and I ran right back.  :) 10 km in 1:03:42 with a few moments for confusion and conversation LOL.  Not exactly backing off the speed the way it was recommended but Im slowing somewhat and just enjoying the weather.  :):)
I was able to change and still had to wait for Taylor's next event.  It wasn't too bad, sitting without a seat but in spots here and there, taking photos and chatting with other swimming parents. :) Taylor swam her last event (PB #7) and we left for home, back in time for lunch and a hockey game in the afternoon which we won 3-1. :):):) Holly had a game 2 hours later; she got her team's only 2 goals in a 3-2 loss :) But a great game for her!  :):)
After yesterday I might not get a lot done today; Weight starting to freak me out since I am always hungry but Im going to be gaining!  UGH Gotta get it under control; I cannot keep up the pace of marathon training just to keep weight loss maintenance.  PANIC! I need another activity I guess! :):):)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunshine and Great Temps = Perfect Morning Run

perfect 0-3 C and sun and just enough rest made this morning's 8 km run awesome. It was really hard to keep the tempo down and run it in 49:30.  Because it felt so good.

Shocking after yesterday's Hockey Training Camp in Dartmouth.  We were on the ice 2 hours 40 minutes in total, with 2 sessions; there was a rather basic stretching session, a classroom session, and travel. Oh plus pizza for supper, we were not home until 830 at night LOL  But it was a great session and I hope I was able to take in enough for it to benefit my hockey :) A lot of activity in 2 days; about to head off for more hockey shortly LOL

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday starting to PANIC

Got out and ran today despite hunger and some crappy wind LOL I hate wind more than rain!  LOL This lunch time run was reminiscent of the freaking marathon, without the rain and in all directions.  Ran 5.2 km (more or less) around 5 k route for Harvestfest run.  Boring. Stinky gas stations and intersections. But the run is in a logged. This month has been super slow; not getting many km in. Hip still a pain and at risk of getting whiney here.  Saw my chiro yesterday who did not have a lot to say about any of it, as opposed to my massage therapist who has tonnes to say about it, but no one says don't run LOL.  Ouch.  Im wondering what is the actual issue I have; Im terrible at localizing pain.  I have an inflamed nerve in my right lower back that is sensitive to touch ;) stabbing pain when grazed lightly, radiating to the left side. It's weird, not bothersome but weird.  See? Whiney.  But Im floundering without a goal race, and have no plan as far as keeping the pre-marathon weight loss going.  OMG I am so hungry almost all the time and cannot seem to resist; I've no will power at all. If someone put cake on my desk right now it would vanish.  I cannot even tell myself to knock it off LOL.  So since Marathon I think I have gained about 4 pounds (some days more than others) and this has caused some panic. Apparently not enough to actually stop eating crap however.  Just enough that when I don't get a run in, or it hurts, I panic and feel guilt and disappointment which illustrates part of the reason at least of why I won't stop running ;)  I wonder why I cannot gather as much enthusiasm for biking or something else? LOL
P90X has been in the house all summer but Ive not gotten "around" to starting that either.  I cannot get it together. Running is so simple and I have it figured out.  All the rest would take some effort. I will start P90X when I have cleaned up my scrapping room enough to get space. There.  Now that's a goal heheheheh!
5.2 km 30:30 minutes.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Short Run

My hip feels better despite all the hockey I played this week, and I went for a run eventually tonight;) I tried all day and had trouble getting the time to do it :) 
The run was short and painfully slow; it's hard to reduce the pace when all you did for 6 months was try to go faster LOL but I did manage a slow 6:15 pace over 5.1 km for 32 minutes :) And hip felt ok; it hurts but it is manageable.  Now to see, if tomorrow it gets more and more painful; that is the test. AND I have to stretch tonight! LOL 

The rain was awesome :) the traffic? Not so much. I may have been a tiny bit careless in the cross walks, but I tried to make eye contact.  Maybe it was the rain; maybe it was the bad traffic jam day due to the flooding and the construction work going on in key intersections all day, but the drivers were NASTY and I very nearly got hit in a cross walk by a truck.  So close I reached out for the hood of it while I was jumping back. And there was plenty of room and plenty of warning. Damned truck.  And the fellow who MADE eye contact and stopped in an intersections just to rev and screech out in front of me, missing by a foot...yeah that was hilarious hope you had a good chuckle.  Lots of screeching tires tonight and rudeness on all parts.  I guess it was a bad driving day :(

Non-Running Weekend

Thanks to the weather I was a lot less tempted to go out for a run this weekend.  Rain was long enough and hard enough to cause lots of local flooding and crappiness and I could have run but since Im on a little self-imposed run break to see if my hip will feel better, it was just easier that the weather cooperated and I didnt have undeniable urges to run :):):)
Now it's been three days and Im freaking out because the scale isnt being my friend and because I feel tired and need to get back out running :) Hip?  Better yes, did not help that I played hockey 4 times on my non-running weekend LOL but it doesnt feel too bad. Today I am going to go out for a slow, short run.  And see how that goes. Maybe I need to do a daily short run and not so much the long runs with rest days?  Overrated, those are. LOL.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Running Rest

was completely confirmed with the rain and wind storm we are experiencing. For the next 4 days so I guess I better learn to use p90x. Oh wait. Im resting my hip right?
Naw. Sorry Carla.  I do think this is something I can run through. Or limp through.  HAHAHA I may run less like you said, but that doesnt mean I can't play hockey right? Oh yeah.  I played hockey at Lunch time today :) What a great stress relief.  What a great activity. Great bunch of girls.  I enjoyed playing with them. Even the ones that were SO much better because know what they do?  Pass.  Play nicely.  Set up plays. It was totally so much fun I was terribly sad when it was time to leave LOL.
Come on Next Friday Lunch Time Hockey! LOL

Rest?  It's gonna be completely subjective.  Do I wanna run? Naw. Im resting. Hockey? OK im in.

Speaking of in, I joined a challenge thing to keep motivated over the Holidays (because historically I cannot do it alone LOL) Check out the sidebar ------>  It's the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge (cheeeeese) and it looks somewhat fun :):) I cannot wait; so far there are 147 people signed up, and based on their comments about last year it could be a blast. OR I could completely forget about it? LOL

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trying to Keep Running...OWW :)

Im battling imbalances! LOL
After the discomfort of my Monday run, my left hip kept on getting more uncomfortable.  It was just before the Marathon that I had to convince myself that my right hip wasn't broken.  It felt much better after the taper period, and the Marathon was fine. 
When I felt really uncomfortable on Monday, I assumed LOL that it was a result of the hockey game on Sunday that resulted in a few bruises and pulled muscles.  I could not even jog up the hallway at work (I was chasing Holly of course).  the pain happens mostly when I step forward, as my leg is just about to touch the ground.  There is weakness and sharp pain; it happens at other times when Im twisting or standing on that leg....bending over.  lol  So I took Tuesday and Wednesday completely off.  I thought it felt a lot better and started out on a tentative run this morning.  I headed up the hill figuring I could do the 10 k loop if I felt good, and turn back if I did not.

It was minimal at first but slowly got worse. Climbing hills was most miserable.  LOL I did turn back at the cream horse LOL (4 km) and walked a moment before running home; it was not so bad that I could not continue running but it was noticable. 

And like Monday, it got worse all day.  When I was sitting it was most uncomfortable and I had meeting and presentations this afternoon to attend, meaning loads of sitting.

Happily, I had an appointment with my massage therapist this afternoon.  She always finds the knots and trigger points and pushes them out.  And there were loads of them around my left hip (and right :)) So she unknotted my butt and we are going to work on that for awhile in hopes of having this pain go away.  Something about irritated hip flexors and tendons and ligaments joining the sacrum and the hamstrings and yada yada I was too busy Writhing in pain to take it all in.  But afterwards there was noticeable increase in range of motion with less pain. No cure, just better. We'll see how it goes but I might take tomorrow off ;)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting Famous Part II

Here is the second part of my few seconds of fame ;)

Part II

It's neat to see my experiences on there! 

I took today off from running; having a lot of discomfort in my OTHER hip (lol hockey I think) and thought a day off might be good for it.  When I move my leg forward it hurts my hip an awful lot :(
Tomorrow is not likely a good day for running :( long work day and it's Annika's 8th birthday; maybe a late run will happen but no guarentees :(

Monday, November 1, 2010

OOOH Check me out, becoming more Famous!

The Blog/book on First Marathons is going along nicely with all of us "spotlighters" and Main topics finishing off our first marathons and assessing what we did right and what we failed at!  It's so neat to see our individual experiences side by side!  Can't wait to read the book!

My Bit!

Keep watchin for part 2!

Goal met

Before I decided to do a full marathon I made a goal this year for km run; I decided in those 12 months I would run 1500 km.  Marathon training made that easy; i was running 200 km some months LOL

Anyway I meant to in October but got rained out; met my 1500 km goal on a chilly 8.4 km run this morning :) Ive run 1500 km this year! And I still have 2 months left to go!  Hmm.  what goal should I set next year?

Maybe it should be a weight loss goal again; Ive gained like 4 pounds (maybe?) since the marathon.  UGH.  Im always hungry!  LOL   PLus Halloween and some water retention. I hate my scale today! LOL  And now Scott is bringing me something for lunch. Im sure that wont be fattening. 

This is why I cannot stop running. Im convinced that I will gain 30 pounds in a month ;)  Instantly. Im sure my jeans are already getting too tight.  No matter what goals I get to, I don't thinkI will ever really feel comfortable with me. :(:(:( 

SO now my goal is to run 5 days a week but without that long long run on weekends of 20 plus km.  lol  When will I find the time to run 5 days a week? LOLOL

2012 km Goal