Monday, November 15, 2010

After such an amazing Friday filled with lovely weather and a perfect run, great time at hockey, running to the Running Room in the afternoon to try on jackets for the upcoming Resolution Run, and then a Candle Party, Saturday morning came FREAKING early.  Up at 5 am, in the car and on the way to Dartmouth by 6, Taylor in the water by 730, and swimming her events shortly after 8.  I found seating and I have to say I guarded it with the help of the friends sitting with me.  It was SO hard to get a seat at the swim meet!  certainly not set up for spectators, despite the event being heavily attended by parents and guardians watching their young ones swim.
Taylor had an amazing Saturady; she swam 3 events in the morning while I struggled to stay awake and guarded my seat; she had personal best times in all :) Then we had a break and went to the Mall for shopping...poor kid was so tired but she followed me around the mall for 2 hours before we headed back to the pool and had a nap in the car.  Sent her back in to the meet for the evening session Where she swam 2 more events and had 2 more personal bests!  Granted she did not "really" compete last year, and her times were certainly better this year with all her practice and attention, swimming with the older group has really improved her form!  :)
Despite all the down time, I did not get out running on Saturday.  I hate to leave the pool while she is swimming, did not want to miss anything, hated giving up my seat.  was Super tired.   We spent the night with Auntie Jessie and Harvey, And again got up early, and headed to the pool.
Sunday morning I did it differently. Taylor had warm up then a long break before her first event.  The weather was again perfect (sunny, just above 0) and I dropped her off at the pool, changed my clothes, and headed for a run. Around Dartmouth!  Im so brave, lol directionally challenged and unfamiliar.

I headed out of the Sportsplex and went right across the MacDonald Bridge.  It was great :) So sunny and warm, great view of the Harbour, nice hilly workout LOL. That's the bridge that we go over in the Bluenose run :)  Familiar, but different having to run it on the pedestrian walkway LOL. Better view.
On the other side I did a little loop and headed back to the bridge at about 15 minutes, not wanting to miss Taylor's swim.  I crossed the bridge and finished 5 km near the Sportsplex.  Went inside sweaty and gross, and waited about 20 minutes before Taylor swam; another personal best time :):):)  I talked to her before going back out and running another 5 km. this time I stayed on the Dartmouth side of the Harbour, going up behind the Sportsplex and along some more quiet roads.  I kind of got lost and wandered a bit before someone told me how to get back to the main highway and I ran right back.  :) 10 km in 1:03:42 with a few moments for confusion and conversation LOL.  Not exactly backing off the speed the way it was recommended but Im slowing somewhat and just enjoying the weather.  :):)
I was able to change and still had to wait for Taylor's next event.  It wasn't too bad, sitting without a seat but in spots here and there, taking photos and chatting with other swimming parents. :) Taylor swam her last event (PB #7) and we left for home, back in time for lunch and a hockey game in the afternoon which we won 3-1. :):):) Holly had a game 2 hours later; she got her team's only 2 goals in a 3-2 loss :) But a great game for her!  :):)
After yesterday I might not get a lot done today; Weight starting to freak me out since I am always hungry but Im going to be gaining!  UGH Gotta get it under control; I cannot keep up the pace of marathon training just to keep weight loss maintenance.  PANIC! I need another activity I guess! :):):)

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