Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday starting to PANIC

Got out and ran today despite hunger and some crappy wind LOL I hate wind more than rain!  LOL This lunch time run was reminiscent of the freaking marathon, without the rain and in all directions.  Ran 5.2 km (more or less) around 5 k route for Harvestfest run.  Boring. Stinky gas stations and intersections. But the run is in a logged. This month has been super slow; not getting many km in. Hip still a pain and at risk of getting whiney here.  Saw my chiro yesterday who did not have a lot to say about any of it, as opposed to my massage therapist who has tonnes to say about it, but no one says don't run LOL.  Ouch.  Im wondering what is the actual issue I have; Im terrible at localizing pain.  I have an inflamed nerve in my right lower back that is sensitive to touch ;) stabbing pain when grazed lightly, radiating to the left side. It's weird, not bothersome but weird.  See? Whiney.  But Im floundering without a goal race, and have no plan as far as keeping the pre-marathon weight loss going.  OMG I am so hungry almost all the time and cannot seem to resist; I've no will power at all. If someone put cake on my desk right now it would vanish.  I cannot even tell myself to knock it off LOL.  So since Marathon I think I have gained about 4 pounds (some days more than others) and this has caused some panic. Apparently not enough to actually stop eating crap however.  Just enough that when I don't get a run in, or it hurts, I panic and feel guilt and disappointment which illustrates part of the reason at least of why I won't stop running ;)  I wonder why I cannot gather as much enthusiasm for biking or something else? LOL
P90X has been in the house all summer but Ive not gotten "around" to starting that either.  I cannot get it together. Running is so simple and I have it figured out.  All the rest would take some effort. I will start P90X when I have cleaned up my scrapping room enough to get space. There.  Now that's a goal heheheheh!
5.2 km 30:30 minutes.

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