Monday, November 22, 2010

Got the Run IN :):):)

Ugh it takes about 5 minutes to lose any fitness you gained while doing tonnes of running for months and month.  5 minutes!  Sheeeit I felt like a fat old cow on my run tonight. I felt uncomfortable in my skin all day :( and it was not improved by clothing that felt uncomfortable and jackets that felt heavy SIGH
I did ok with eating less but not really great and I have to continue to work on snacking less on things i like and less of them. We had fish for supper yum.

Anyway after a serious delay thanks to a difficult to avoid work situation I did get out 1.5 hours late LOL and only had a chance to get in 5 km before Taylor had to be picked up at the pool.  But home and supper and shower reall felt good. The route was up hill for 1.5 km then rolling for the rest with a nice long downhill but in the dark and on a main road with ice and some really awful road conditions like holes and large gravel in the dark; it was challenging but good to get back out :)

Early day at work tomorrow but might actually get in another run; determined if I cannot fit a long run in then I am going to do more short runs; some people run every single day! LOL


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

You'll be surprised how quick it comes back :) the first one feels really sluggish but it gets better from there

Scrappytbear said...

I guess we will see ;) But I really have to get it going before I lose all the good I gained!

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