Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trying to Keep Running...OWW :)

Im battling imbalances! LOL
After the discomfort of my Monday run, my left hip kept on getting more uncomfortable.  It was just before the Marathon that I had to convince myself that my right hip wasn't broken.  It felt much better after the taper period, and the Marathon was fine. 
When I felt really uncomfortable on Monday, I assumed LOL that it was a result of the hockey game on Sunday that resulted in a few bruises and pulled muscles.  I could not even jog up the hallway at work (I was chasing Holly of course).  the pain happens mostly when I step forward, as my leg is just about to touch the ground.  There is weakness and sharp pain; it happens at other times when Im twisting or standing on that leg....bending over.  lol  So I took Tuesday and Wednesday completely off.  I thought it felt a lot better and started out on a tentative run this morning.  I headed up the hill figuring I could do the 10 k loop if I felt good, and turn back if I did not.

It was minimal at first but slowly got worse. Climbing hills was most miserable.  LOL I did turn back at the cream horse LOL (4 km) and walked a moment before running home; it was not so bad that I could not continue running but it was noticable. 

And like Monday, it got worse all day.  When I was sitting it was most uncomfortable and I had meeting and presentations this afternoon to attend, meaning loads of sitting.

Happily, I had an appointment with my massage therapist this afternoon.  She always finds the knots and trigger points and pushes them out.  And there were loads of them around my left hip (and right :)) So she unknotted my butt and we are going to work on that for awhile in hopes of having this pain go away.  Something about irritated hip flexors and tendons and ligaments joining the sacrum and the hamstrings and yada yada I was too busy Writhing in pain to take it all in.  But afterwards there was noticeable increase in range of motion with less pain. No cure, just better. We'll see how it goes but I might take tomorrow off ;)

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