Saturday, November 27, 2010

Active Friday

Friday was kind of funny weather wise with clearer weather in the morning (teaching and working) and clouding over later with snow and rain mix (when I was less working and more baking birthday cakes for newly 10 year old Holly :):)) and due to the weather AND the hockey, no run was accomplished. So far my run miles are about 1/2 what they were only a month ago SIGH.  But a game of tough pick up hockey without spares, followed by a family skating session in the evening where Tag was the game of choice (until we were caught by the public skating police SIGH) provided some needed activity. That noon hockey has become less of a casual skate and shoot and is more contact and speed and skill every week. Starting to feel awfully inept out there SIGH but I keep on going.   Family skating was late and teen-filled and not really worth it since it was late and both kids played hockey early on Saturday; not something to be done often.

Run today? Hockey tonight?

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