Friday, November 5, 2010

Running Rest

was completely confirmed with the rain and wind storm we are experiencing. For the next 4 days so I guess I better learn to use p90x. Oh wait. Im resting my hip right?
Naw. Sorry Carla.  I do think this is something I can run through. Or limp through.  HAHAHA I may run less like you said, but that doesnt mean I can't play hockey right? Oh yeah.  I played hockey at Lunch time today :) What a great stress relief.  What a great activity. Great bunch of girls.  I enjoyed playing with them. Even the ones that were SO much better because know what they do?  Pass.  Play nicely.  Set up plays. It was totally so much fun I was terribly sad when it was time to leave LOL.
Come on Next Friday Lunch Time Hockey! LOL

Rest?  It's gonna be completely subjective.  Do I wanna run? Naw. Im resting. Hockey? OK im in.

Speaking of in, I joined a challenge thing to keep motivated over the Holidays (because historically I cannot do it alone LOL) Check out the sidebar ------>  It's the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge (cheeeeese) and it looks somewhat fun :):) I cannot wait; so far there are 147 people signed up, and based on their comments about last year it could be a blast. OR I could completely forget about it? LOL

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