Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Running for Fun

This running for fun again is just for the birds LOL.  Im aware birds do not do a lot of running. But seriously I am about as undisciplined as possible when it comes to getting the runs in. I make plans and then when something gets in the way I feel frustrated and let it get in the way rather than finding a way around it.  Take yesterday. Work was pretty busy all day so I planned to get out for a run after lab, before Taylor got finished swimming.  Then a paper jam in the computer kept me behind, so I arrived at the pool later; had to pass in some stuff by a certain time so I did....and then I thought it was too late for a run, and that Taylor would be right out.  I waited and waited, feeling frustrated that once she came out there would be no run because it is too dark to run at home and I was leaving town and was really tired and would not come back to streetlights. 
of course, Taylor took a very long time to finish up in the pool and even skipping her shower she took a long long time in the locker room and I likely could have gotten in the run. SIGH but I let it go, I waited inside, I drove home, I went to bed right away and I stayed there until morning.  Ok I was pretty tired lOL. 
So today I got up with new resolve and a plan, and went for a run from work right after class and before any other commitments :) and I actually went :) weather was chilly, but nice for a run, a little hard on the face but very nice. I followed a path I had wanted to check out for ages now, a piece of the TransCanadaTrail that I had no idea where it would come out.  I found it came out very near the end of another piece of path so I followed that until I was near campus then I took a few minutes to figure out where THAT little new piece of trail went in the other direction but when it went far out of sight I turned back because I had gone 8 km and I was in a time crunch :) Time really flew!  Super nice trails and if the weather stays nice I might actually get to figure out where that last one comes out :):):)
so a Success today :) I ran and it was for fun. Now what is going to motivate me to go tomorrow? :):):)

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