Monday, November 8, 2010

Short Run

My hip feels better despite all the hockey I played this week, and I went for a run eventually tonight;) I tried all day and had trouble getting the time to do it :) 
The run was short and painfully slow; it's hard to reduce the pace when all you did for 6 months was try to go faster LOL but I did manage a slow 6:15 pace over 5.1 km for 32 minutes :) And hip felt ok; it hurts but it is manageable.  Now to see, if tomorrow it gets more and more painful; that is the test. AND I have to stretch tonight! LOL 

The rain was awesome :) the traffic? Not so much. I may have been a tiny bit careless in the cross walks, but I tried to make eye contact.  Maybe it was the rain; maybe it was the bad traffic jam day due to the flooding and the construction work going on in key intersections all day, but the drivers were NASTY and I very nearly got hit in a cross walk by a truck.  So close I reached out for the hood of it while I was jumping back. And there was plenty of room and plenty of warning. Damned truck.  And the fellow who MADE eye contact and stopped in an intersections just to rev and screech out in front of me, missing by a foot...yeah that was hilarious hope you had a good chuckle.  Lots of screeching tires tonight and rudeness on all parts.  I guess it was a bad driving day :(

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