Monday, November 8, 2010

Non-Running Weekend

Thanks to the weather I was a lot less tempted to go out for a run this weekend.  Rain was long enough and hard enough to cause lots of local flooding and crappiness and I could have run but since Im on a little self-imposed run break to see if my hip will feel better, it was just easier that the weather cooperated and I didnt have undeniable urges to run :):):)
Now it's been three days and Im freaking out because the scale isnt being my friend and because I feel tired and need to get back out running :) Hip?  Better yes, did not help that I played hockey 4 times on my non-running weekend LOL but it doesnt feel too bad. Today I am going to go out for a slow, short run.  And see how that goes. Maybe I need to do a daily short run and not so much the long runs with rest days?  Overrated, those are. LOL.

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