Wednesday, November 24, 2010

km Repeats in the park

this morning was damp and chilly around 0C with the rain/mist and the fog. Perfect running weather yeah!  LOL I dressed and took the kids to school and had planned to go to the trail and run out and back for about 6.4 km; in the parking lot at T's school I almost literally ran into Jill; her little blue car is hard to see in rain and fog and gloom!  So I parked near her and she was going for a run! Behind the school there is the park access and we went up there to the 1 km loop from the JH meets and ran some repeats!  The trail is down hill for the first half km and up hill for the next .65 km for a total of about 1.15 km per lap.  I liked the down hill even tho it was complicated by the remaining snow, ice, melting water, and mud we encountered; going back up hill I found to be a challenge.  On the first lap I turned a corner to a steep uphill covered with snow and ice and I slipped.  From then on, climbing the hills was hell for my imbalanced left hip and not great for my right either.  Although it's not completely accurate to say that my ass hurts it was close HAHAHA
We finished 5 X 1 km loops and the recovery of that little .15 in between for about 6 km total; we were wet and muddy and it was a totally good workout.  Left me wanting a little more; that's a good sigh!  Particularly with the numbers that met me on the scale this morning.  I keep telling myself that WAS after breakfast and I was dressed, but I wasn't wearing a small elephant.  Just jeans.

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