Tuesday, November 16, 2010


means I ran in the rain today. And I made myself do it because it was my punishment for having procrastinated.  I mean, I could have gone while it was just cloudy but I instead went back to my office and did not do the run...then it was raining.

I think I was just hungry ;) I wanted something to eat and I was pouting and my belly was hungry ;) and I felt gross.  So I had a snack and it set badly and I waited to feel better then I finally just went.  And It was raining LOL.  Not a lot, but variably and the entire run.  Which was only 5.3 km and because I was hungry and weak, (lol) was pretty slow at under 33 minutes. 

Now I have had lunch and I am leaving for my massage. Life is hard. Im hoping this hip thing will resolve shortly! Im gaining too much weight. see up: Always Hungry.

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Faith Ann said...

It took a long time for my appetite to get back to normal after marathon training. I did not successfully manage it, that's for sure. Good luck!

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