Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Better Run in the Snow

Out of the hockey rink for an extra couple of hours this morning so I eventually went for a run!  I need to be getting up earlier for these things, considering I am so barely getting them in it isnt funny! I realised tonight I am about 12.2 km away from 1700 for the year, and I need to get those in during the next 2 days. Friday is only a 5 km Resolution Run day so I need 7.2 km in tomorrow ;)  Playing hockey at 8 am tomorrow so it will be after that but before the kids have to be at Drama SIGH there is always something and they didnt get to their movie tonight :(  I am very proud of Holly's hockey team for getting to the final round of their hockey tournament when no one including the parents thought they would.  Impressive it was :)
So this morning's 6.15 km in 38 minutes (ugh) puts me over 100 km for December.  Not a great month but usually December is terrible for me running-wise so I should be happy; the weather has been great but today in snow it was an entirely new dimension in running.  Running up hill in snow is challenging. Im determined not to resort to any sort of sneaker traction devices; terrain is way too varied for that :)
-4 C, ran in long sleeves and a vest, left the gloves home which was good, but for when the wind was in my face; fingertips got chilly. I did like the temps for running in less than bundled clothing :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day run

after 4 days of doing little but shopping and getting ready for Christmas I finally got out for a run; the weather was nice and not too cold, and it wasnt raining or windy. but 4 days of shopping and getting ready for Christmas and late nights took it's toll, and 6.8 km was torture ;) actually the first 3 km were fine; the rest was torture. and I was ReALLY super sick when I got home; had a shower but was nauseous and threw up a little bit; dehydrated?  tired?  hungry?  Who knows. Was not a pleasant experience.  Return of the rain to follow.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dreadmill Run Dec 21

First day of winter came dreary, rainy, and windy :) Really windy! Since I am enjoying my free week at the gym I took the opportunity to play on the treadmill. It really is quite convenient for the tempo and speedwork runs.
Today was a tempo run and since Im really not sure what those are anymore I just did what I always do; I had 4 miles to go and I warmed up then I just increased the speed gradually for about 3/4 of the run, ran at top speed for a bit, then eased it back during the last couple of minutes for 4.15 km in 45 minutes including cooling off.  Afterwards we did a little arms and stuff....not a tonne but about half an hours worth of show and tell ;)
This afternoon I took the kids to a skating party at the rink  for 4H; it's nice for them to get to just skate and not have to be worried about practicing and playing hockey games :)

Long Run Dec 19

Was only 10 km this week; end of week 2 :) I thought I might put it off until Monday with Sunday being hockey day and all, but the bright sun convinced me (and the forecast of rain for Monday/Tuesday).  I did put it off until rather late in the morning ad was therefore hungry the entire run; Annika had hockey and then Drama, which was really hard to get to.  She forgot her clothes and they were late and then she didnt want to go in, and was really sad....etc. So I was very late for my run.
I have a pass at the gym for a week so I decided to run from there; got slightly sucked into conversations and maybe wasted a little more time; warmed up on the bike for a few minutes then got outside for the run.
It was chilly; under 0 with a wind; but the sun had so much warmth there were some really awesome areas :) I stayed on fairly  flat areas knowing if I pushed too much hockey in the afternoon would be difficult. 
I did the first 3 km at about 6 minute pace but didnt manage to hold it up for the entire run Thank you wind, and finished the 10 km in about 1:04:20.  Not a great time....
Hockey in the afternoon was ok; legs certainly were tired and shakey but I scored a goal and we did win the game so it didnt hurt anything :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dec 17 Run

The weather was clearish today (no promised sun of course) and temps were ok (-4) so out for a run I went; 4 miles on the plan and I went around Vimy and Farnham and Main and back up...for a total of 5 miles of tempo run (which was barely tempo since I kept forgetting :):)) 50:15 minutes.  Getting a bit nippish but still better than raining. Need some running pants!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

10 km mid week longish run

Timing was not great but I did still manage to get in a nice not too cold 10 km run mid week!  :) After work and meetings run late, with a children's party and christmas concert looming, I still managed to get on the running clothes and headed out the trail from work, around the top of the loop and back down to the bottom of the trail and back to my office; exactly 10 km and even tho I was on trails that were very wet (we have had some terribly wet weather this week) I still managed 1 hour 4 minutes and change.  It was really pleasant, actually. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dreadmill Run

The weather outside is frightful! Seriously!  I so hate high winds and rain!  It's shut half the province down :( So at least yesterday and today Ive been reduced to either skipping runs or finding another option. After my non running weekend I really wanted to find another option. I checked out getting a pass for the gym online but it kept telling me to fill in required fields that I had already filled in so I gave up; a friend has gotten me a 7 day pass but Ive not seen her yet...I checked out the gym at the college and might try that out; I remembered a friend who has a good treadmill she offered up before so I actually went there and after she plied me with coffee and Christmas Baked Goods, I used her treadmill.  Oh good lord. Even with the TV I suffered. OK actually it wasnt that bad with the tv there and I could crank the speed up and down as I wanted and it was actually my longest run yet on the treadmill although I did walk at the beginning and the end and the speed vs effort seemed SO off.  I go 10 minute miles outside all the time but on the treadmill with a bit of a hill effort I only managed to get to 10 minute miles for about 7 minutes.  And then it was time to reduce again. It wasnt that it was hard it was just so much different that outside. Maybe it's a miscommunication between the garmin and the treadmill?  But Im sure it takes less effort to run outside and I would have cranked out that 7.2 km in about 43 minutes rather than the 58 (with walking) that it took on the treadmill. It was STILL so much better than not running at all, and the tv helped.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A very long weekend

it was So long and so short at the same time.  I mean really!  I have no idea where the weekend went but I want a do-over.
After Friday's disastrous run I was hoping to get out on Saturday or Sunday for a redo lol.  we were heading into a really complicated weekend schedule with Taylor being in Halifax for a swim meet, meaning one parent was out of commission.  There was still hockey to be covered, and I figured I was going to have to not go to my Saturday morning hockey in order to get Taylor to Halifax.  But rechecking the schedules made me see that we COULD do it long as we didnt want sleep. So Saturday Scott took Taylor swimming, and for some reason didnt make it back to town until like 2 pm! Hmmph.  Holly went to her 7 am hockey and was picked up by her grandmother and taken to 4H by her Uncle and Aunt :) Holly taken care of.  I took Annika to my 7 am hockey where she sat in the timekeepers box and quietly drank her hot chocolate she was SO good!  I totally was pushed onto my ass and WOW does it hurt. Imagine how hard you have to fall to actually bruise your ass?  Major pain.  I believe I bruised the hip bones.  We then went home to get ready for HER hockey and did some laundry. Good times.  So we went to her hockey practice and waited for an hour while we ate a packed lunch that she made (hmm yummy) and then she had a hockey game :)  During this time Holly was supposed to get to a birthday party but she ended up being late because I was on the coaching bench for Annika's game and could not leave to take her and I felt her grandmother had done enough :) So after the game when Scott had finally arrived I took Holly to the party where Annika met us and we went to see a movie for the party; the new Narnia in was actually really good and the girls loved it.  Thinking I was going home for a movie and some sleep, we actually ended up eating and then running to a friends house for a visit.  Kids were SO tired!  Holly stayed there for the night.
That was Saturday.
Sunday morning wasn't much different; We were up by 6 and I was out the door to take Taylor to her swim meet; in all she wracked up 4 more best times in her swims :)  When she  finished her last I was like.....Go Shower....WE can make the hockey game!  LOL And I did...with a few minutes to spare.  Played a game that was SO physical and very hard.....we did win but I was shaking by the end, so tired!  Rested for an hour and then I played goalie for another team.  I really like playing goalie but wow that's stressful! I was so tired by the end LOL
Wasted yet another hour while getting Holly ready for HER game, which was a bit of a blow out but she played super well and was very aggressive and well positioned :) it was good.
Finally sometime after 6 I made it home and we got the kids fed and into bed because you can imagine how tired they were at this was ugly.  I separated them over and over but they kinda got out of control when I was on the phone. 
As soon as they were asleep I put on a movie (Eclipse) and then fell dead asleep. 
Now a "real" hard core runner would have found time in that weekend to run right? The weather was pretty decent for the most part, and there was an hour here and an hour there, between hockey games and swims.  I guess I fail at the hard core runner. 
Now for the next 3 days it's calling for warm but torrential rains, 130 km gusting winds, and just plain miserable.  Ive checked out my treadmill options; potential there.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dec 10 Friday Chill

What a cold day Friday was compared to what we have been getting (and are going to get) :) It was minus 8 or so and sunny; dry so it didnt feel bad at all :)
My garmin has not been picking up satellites in Bible Hill  so rather than walking until it did or standing out in the cold waiting for it, I set it out on the step of the office and went back inside to wait on it :)  I did some stretches while it found a signal; of course someone went out and thought it had been dropped and brought it back in where I confiscated it and put it on and went out for my run.
Scott had taken all of my stuff home so I was running home from the office. It's about 7 km. I started out on the trail behind the campus and then met the road and home.  I realised a serious issue within about a km; I had had a greasy heavy lunch (3 hours before) that was still sitting on me, and I had cramps and nausea almost right away.  it lasted all the way home.  I actually called for a ride home but I was pretty much there before Scott could come get me. A horrible run! Im still nauseated.
Now today, I played hockey this morning and fell on my butt.  Fell. Ha.  But Im sore and miserable.  Bruised to the bone.  And super tired.  No run today.  Maybe get a long day in tomorrow? But I doubt it.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dec 9 Sunny day

and I made a mistake. Well a series of mistakes of course.  First being getting the kids ready before me which meant that I was very late getting out; they went to school with their father but I was already behind LOL I should do these things simulutaneously. 
Then there was taking the dog. Maggie hasnt been for a run with me in ages.  OMG.  I also usually put on her harness but today I just attached to the leash. Ugh.  So not only is she not too fond of going my speed (turtle) but she wanted to go on the road ALL the time. And if I pulled the leash she dropped to her belly, jerking me to a dead stop.  Over and over.  And sometimes she just stopped and sat there.  SIGH.  So my 40 minute run took almost 55 minutes and I was late getting home. late starting and late getting home SIGH.  I had about 20 minutes to shower and get the kids to the dentist. The school didnt  have them ready for me.  We were late. The dentist was late. SIGH it was frustrating BUT on a good note, the sun was shining and it was not deathly cold; it was drier than yesterday and therefore seemed warmer. A good run today!  Slow. But good.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I did it :)

Went for my run :) It was great, I ALWAYS love it once I get out the door SIGH. The weather left something to be desired; rain, snow, wind all at once.  Even some sun!  i was glad I wore my vest and somewhat wished for some gloves but I had my sleeves with thumb holes so it was ok. It was wet. Plan called for 6.4 km tempo; yes Im on a plan again.  Running Room plan to finish a marathon in 4 hours 30 minutes which would take 10 minutes off my last time. I hope to do better.  I have not picked out a marathon or a half or anything for 2011 yet. But Im looking!  Got 7.55 km in today (48:30 minutes). 
After I came back I got some bad news about a very nice person, important in the community and a good friend to many of my friends; left the world today :( She has been ill; I'm glad she is at peace now :( It's those of us left on earth who are going to have a hard time :(
Thinking of my friends and family tonight. I love them.

Searching for the motivation

I did not run Monday; total FAIL.  Mostly weather related; I do hate to run in the strong winds we were having (and kinda still are). 
But today I do need a run and Im sitting here feeling slightly sorry for myself and reading runners world and not getting out there. I have some work to do and Im working on it ; bouncing from one thing to another is never productive. I ate. I should be ready. I am thinking I may have forgotten to pack socks. That would put a bit of a crimp in the plan since I wore wool socks to work today.  Maybe that is why I am still sitting here?

I do need to get up. Maybe this post will be what pushes me over the edge and out the door!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hockey Game

Was really good today; we had some laughs and I got 2 goals :) Im adequately tired tonight :)

Sunday Dec 5 Run

Didnt get out to run Saturday; tooooo much hockey!  :)Started with pick up at 7 am, then rushed to Brookfield for a game with Holly, Practice at 11 with Annika, and her game at 1.  So sometime after 2 we got home and while Scott took Holly to her long practice I cleaned house a bit and got ready for company :) They came for supper and stayed into the evening and we had a relaxing knit time :):) half done a sock!  Then to bed to watch hockey; Leafs won against the odds I gave them LOL

Weather is still mostly pretty amazing :) temps were good, not too cloudy, so Sunday Morning out I went....
It took me a long long time to convince to go.  I woke after a restless night (thanks Annika and snoring Scott) with a headache and took ages to get out of bed; once I did I felt sick to my stomach and just didnt feel like going anywhere.  And it was getting late; have hockey this afternoon and I cannot be too tired for that since it matters to me if we win and I have a good time!  When Im tired I do not have a good time LOL

But I shortened my route and finally got out; it was warmish with temps between 4 and 7 C and Sunny breaks :) It also rained on me but the sun still held a lot of heat so it was ok. It was perfect running weather.  Perfect! I was kind of sad to go home.  I did 8.5 km in about 55 minutes (again leisurely; no speed work going on!) I would have gone further BUT for the hockey game LOL 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Still Running in Shorts :) Dec 3

today was 9 C.  9!!  Jeez that's a summer day! LOL Almost.  Although it was damp and drizzly, and felt much more bone chilling than 9, it was still nice to be able to go out lightly dressed for a run :) Shorts, long sleeved shirt, and nothing else :) And was still overly warm.  LOL
Didn't really have a plan when I left the pool but that I was going to run. Im really super tired from a long night and day of marking and passing out stuff.  Actually dozed off this afternoon sitting up!  LOL After a very difficult Parent-Teacher interview I was really ready for some stress relief but also really considered just driving home and getting into bed.  Im glad that I decided to do the run instead, but now Im quite tired.  I headed out the trail to Lower Truro then up the hill WAY up to the connector road, and back down into town.  A very long climb with a long downhill reward at the end.  Back to the pool for 8 km in 51 leisurely minutes. Im not paying too much attention to pace at this point and concentrating on just keeping going.  34 km this week so far with tomorrow still yet to come, km are down but still keeping on :) Over 1600 km for the year as of today thanks to all that Marathon training :):):)

I still have not started P90X but I am going to have to soon; now that classes are done I really need to.  I also have to set up the bike in the trainer; the tire has been changed and it is waiting for me :):):)
We'll see what this weekend brings, besides hockey.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dec 1

And still running in short pants :) We've had nice albeit drizzly weather this past couple of weeks :) Loving being able to still run outside and on trails :)
Went to the park for a nice Wednesday run  after dropping all the kids off at school, got in 8 km on the trails including loads and loads of hills, and still got back to school early enough to prepare for class and get stuff done :) A good day!

Bummer it was such a long day; starting by leaving the house at 730 am and working full day with3.5 hours in the Anatomy lab on my feet and then picking up all the kids at the pool and getting home in time to eat and run out the door (15 minutes) to a 3 hour hockey staff clinic on bullying, harassement, and Abuse. SIGH.  And then home to finish getting ready for today. 

Im beat.  I need to sleep.  But not today; test #2 to give soon, then a run, get kids. Maybe in that order. I have a TONNE of marking to do tonight. SIGH.  Maybe I can rest after tomorrow.

2012 km Goal