Monday, December 13, 2010

A very long weekend

it was So long and so short at the same time.  I mean really!  I have no idea where the weekend went but I want a do-over.
After Friday's disastrous run I was hoping to get out on Saturday or Sunday for a redo lol.  we were heading into a really complicated weekend schedule with Taylor being in Halifax for a swim meet, meaning one parent was out of commission.  There was still hockey to be covered, and I figured I was going to have to not go to my Saturday morning hockey in order to get Taylor to Halifax.  But rechecking the schedules made me see that we COULD do it long as we didnt want sleep. So Saturday Scott took Taylor swimming, and for some reason didnt make it back to town until like 2 pm! Hmmph.  Holly went to her 7 am hockey and was picked up by her grandmother and taken to 4H by her Uncle and Aunt :) Holly taken care of.  I took Annika to my 7 am hockey where she sat in the timekeepers box and quietly drank her hot chocolate she was SO good!  I totally was pushed onto my ass and WOW does it hurt. Imagine how hard you have to fall to actually bruise your ass?  Major pain.  I believe I bruised the hip bones.  We then went home to get ready for HER hockey and did some laundry. Good times.  So we went to her hockey practice and waited for an hour while we ate a packed lunch that she made (hmm yummy) and then she had a hockey game :)  During this time Holly was supposed to get to a birthday party but she ended up being late because I was on the coaching bench for Annika's game and could not leave to take her and I felt her grandmother had done enough :) So after the game when Scott had finally arrived I took Holly to the party where Annika met us and we went to see a movie for the party; the new Narnia in was actually really good and the girls loved it.  Thinking I was going home for a movie and some sleep, we actually ended up eating and then running to a friends house for a visit.  Kids were SO tired!  Holly stayed there for the night.
That was Saturday.
Sunday morning wasn't much different; We were up by 6 and I was out the door to take Taylor to her swim meet; in all she wracked up 4 more best times in her swims :)  When she  finished her last I was like.....Go Shower....WE can make the hockey game!  LOL And I did...with a few minutes to spare.  Played a game that was SO physical and very hard.....we did win but I was shaking by the end, so tired!  Rested for an hour and then I played goalie for another team.  I really like playing goalie but wow that's stressful! I was so tired by the end LOL
Wasted yet another hour while getting Holly ready for HER game, which was a bit of a blow out but she played super well and was very aggressive and well positioned :) it was good.
Finally sometime after 6 I made it home and we got the kids fed and into bed because you can imagine how tired they were at this was ugly.  I separated them over and over but they kinda got out of control when I was on the phone. 
As soon as they were asleep I put on a movie (Eclipse) and then fell dead asleep. 
Now a "real" hard core runner would have found time in that weekend to run right? The weather was pretty decent for the most part, and there was an hour here and an hour there, between hockey games and swims.  I guess I fail at the hard core runner. 
Now for the next 3 days it's calling for warm but torrential rains, 130 km gusting winds, and just plain miserable.  Ive checked out my treadmill options; potential there.

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