Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Long Run Dec 19

Was only 10 km this week; end of week 2 :) I thought I might put it off until Monday with Sunday being hockey day and all, but the bright sun convinced me (and the forecast of rain for Monday/Tuesday).  I did put it off until rather late in the morning ad was therefore hungry the entire run; Annika had hockey and then Drama, which was really hard to get to.  She forgot her clothes and they were late and then she didnt want to go in, and was really sad....etc. So I was very late for my run.
I have a pass at the gym for a week so I decided to run from there; got slightly sucked into conversations and maybe wasted a little more time; warmed up on the bike for a few minutes then got outside for the run.
It was chilly; under 0 with a wind; but the sun had so much warmth there were some really awesome areas :) I stayed on fairly  flat areas knowing if I pushed too much hockey in the afternoon would be difficult. 
I did the first 3 km at about 6 minute pace but didnt manage to hold it up for the entire run Thank you wind, and finished the 10 km in about 1:04:20.  Not a great time....
Hockey in the afternoon was ok; legs certainly were tired and shakey but I scored a goal and we did win the game so it didnt hurt anything :)

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