Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Dec 5 Run

Didnt get out to run Saturday; tooooo much hockey!  :)Started with pick up at 7 am, then rushed to Brookfield for a game with Holly, Practice at 11 with Annika, and her game at 1.  So sometime after 2 we got home and while Scott took Holly to her long practice I cleaned house a bit and got ready for company :) They came for supper and stayed into the evening and we had a relaxing knit time :):) half done a sock!  Then to bed to watch hockey; Leafs won against the odds I gave them LOL

Weather is still mostly pretty amazing :) temps were good, not too cloudy, so Sunday Morning out I went....
It took me a long long time to convince to go.  I woke after a restless night (thanks Annika and snoring Scott) with a headache and took ages to get out of bed; once I did I felt sick to my stomach and just didnt feel like going anywhere.  And it was getting late; have hockey this afternoon and I cannot be too tired for that since it matters to me if we win and I have a good time!  When Im tired I do not have a good time LOL

But I shortened my route and finally got out; it was warmish with temps between 4 and 7 C and Sunny breaks :) It also rained on me but the sun still held a lot of heat so it was ok. It was perfect running weather.  Perfect! I was kind of sad to go home.  I did 8.5 km in about 55 minutes (again leisurely; no speed work going on!) I would have gone further BUT for the hockey game LOL 

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