Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dreadmill Run

The weather outside is frightful! Seriously!  I so hate high winds and rain!  It's shut half the province down :( So at least yesterday and today Ive been reduced to either skipping runs or finding another option. After my non running weekend I really wanted to find another option. I checked out getting a pass for the gym online but it kept telling me to fill in required fields that I had already filled in so I gave up; a friend has gotten me a 7 day pass but Ive not seen her yet...I checked out the gym at the college and might try that out; I remembered a friend who has a good treadmill she offered up before so I actually went there and after she plied me with coffee and Christmas Baked Goods, I used her treadmill.  Oh good lord. Even with the TV I suffered. OK actually it wasnt that bad with the tv there and I could crank the speed up and down as I wanted and it was actually my longest run yet on the treadmill although I did walk at the beginning and the end and the speed vs effort seemed SO off.  I go 10 minute miles outside all the time but on the treadmill with a bit of a hill effort I only managed to get to 10 minute miles for about 7 minutes.  And then it was time to reduce again. It wasnt that it was hard it was just so much different that outside. Maybe it's a miscommunication between the garmin and the treadmill?  But Im sure it takes less effort to run outside and I would have cranked out that 7.2 km in about 43 minutes rather than the 58 (with walking) that it took on the treadmill. It was STILL so much better than not running at all, and the tv helped.

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