Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Better Run in the Snow

Out of the hockey rink for an extra couple of hours this morning so I eventually went for a run!  I need to be getting up earlier for these things, considering I am so barely getting them in it isnt funny! I realised tonight I am about 12.2 km away from 1700 for the year, and I need to get those in during the next 2 days. Friday is only a 5 km Resolution Run day so I need 7.2 km in tomorrow ;)  Playing hockey at 8 am tomorrow so it will be after that but before the kids have to be at Drama SIGH there is always something and they didnt get to their movie tonight :(  I am very proud of Holly's hockey team for getting to the final round of their hockey tournament when no one including the parents thought they would.  Impressive it was :)
So this morning's 6.15 km in 38 minutes (ugh) puts me over 100 km for December.  Not a great month but usually December is terrible for me running-wise so I should be happy; the weather has been great but today in snow it was an entirely new dimension in running.  Running up hill in snow is challenging. Im determined not to resort to any sort of sneaker traction devices; terrain is way too varied for that :)
-4 C, ran in long sleeves and a vest, left the gloves home which was good, but for when the wind was in my face; fingertips got chilly. I did like the temps for running in less than bundled clothing :)

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