Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year so far looks the Same as the Last

I have no idea why we always expect a new year to look different from the last; it's shiny and fresh, but by noon time it always looks like the last one.

Did score some running treats for christmas; a fleece hat and running socks, running tights, looser yoga pants type pants, trail sneakers (might take back; do I NEED those?), a cute shirt that Scott had to mail away for and a travel mug as well. 

Accomplishments over the Christmas minivacation? None.  Christmas was accomplished, the rest was a blur.  Running accomplishments? None.  I barely got out. Not that I had a lot of expectations.
New Year's Resolutions?  I dont have any.  Im not going into some long silly list of resolutions in attempt to make myself better this year. Im going to try to keep my head above water and keep my sanity. Are those resolutions? No different from any other year.  I am going to try to do better. But it's not a resolution.

I did not get any running in on Thursday.  After hockey it was just too nice to spend a couple of hours relaxing, did some housework.  But the hockey was pretty intense LOL no spares, no breaks for an hour.
Friday hockey was also intense; I took Holly along and she enjoyed it but I think she had no idea what to do without breaks. She was tired.
The weather has been warm but it's also been wet. Warm is relative, with temps around freezing; temps I love to run in. Nice if it's sunny tho.... lol not so great if raining. I would rather run in snow than rain; it's not so nice to run in cold rains.  It has made some pretty running scenery :)

Friday night; New Years Eve :) We signed up for the Resolution Run ages ago to get the jacket; it's a super nice jacket, all but the colour; orange and black.  I love orange but did not particularly want a hunter orange running coat to sport around town ;) It is just the right weight and very soft :) Going to be a favorite winter running coat from the Running Room :)  When it came time to go to Halifax for the run we were less than enthusiastic; weather was nice, temps were perfect, but we were tired and going all that way was not so much fun now that it was time. Nevertheless we went to Halifax and picked up the race kits; including jackets. Now I do not usually wear the race stuff to the race but all of these jackets were just so funny; I had to!  all running around in matching orange coats? Hilarious.  While at the Running Room I did exchange my tights; Adidas ones for Brooks Infiniti tights which I hope are going to stay up well; the waist drawstring was a must!  :) I hate having to constantly pull up tights! They are really nice :)
The run?  It was good....very hilly, as Halifax tends to be, but nice.  Weather really was perfect although it might have been more perfect if we had run while the sun was out.  I thought we were going to take it nice and slow but the pace was speedier than I had planned; most of the way it was great but a few times I did feel as tho I was totally out of shape LOL hills are great!  Unfortunately the run was not a full 5 k (4.7) so I dont really have a good time comparison (26:11).  I think for the lack of training it is a good time LOL Im not unhappy considering I planned to go slow and conversational with a few other friends, I ended up just running off with one while the others went their own way. So much for a social New Years Eve run!  LOL
Ah well it was a good time.

No New Years Day run. how did that happen?  I suppose I could use my new headlamp and go ;)

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Faith Ann said...

My husband and I ran the Resolution Run in Fredericton this morning. We've done a wee bit of complaining about the jacket colour also, but I think it's growing on me lol.

I think about 90% of participants in Freddy wore their jackets today. They were super warm!

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