Sunday, January 9, 2011

Long Run January 9

After nearly 3 months of running without doing particularly long runs, I tossed in a long run today.  If I am going to follow a program I do need to begin to ramp up the long runs again. the plan I had looked at following stared off the end of week 1 with a nice 16 km run. Im not currently there. I have only really done a few 10 km runs since the marathon and I cannot remember a longer one since then; no need. But going from 8 km this week to 16 on the weekend; toooo much. I did decide I would do 12 this week, 14 next, then 16 2 weeks from now. So I did my 12 today. Almost.

We were expecting some snow today and I was just hoping it did not rain before I was finished (snow changing to rain is so our's crappy.)  Started out about 9 am (late sigh) in some very strong wind that came and went; headed up the hill; it was very pleasant and warm (-2).  The hills were ok although speed was not terribly constant or fast. By about 2 km the little flurries started; more of a sprinkle than anything else :)

Held off to about 8 km; just as I turned onto College Road I met some other runners and the snow was getting thicker; one of the ladies had on an Orange Resolution Run jacket like the one I was wearing and we had that "heyyy nice jacket thumbs up on the Res Run" moment. I wonder who that lady was? LOL  Then off again. It was about then I kind of figured the snow was no longer a flurry but more of a steady.  Still nice. I was wearing sunglasses for the bright snow and protection against wind and snow and was pretty glad of it.

At about 9 km I was thinking that was a lot of snow!  And it was pretty heavy; I felt like a little kid out playing in the snow; it was melting on the road and starting to build up on the sidewalk but still ok.
Heading down the Old Court House Branch it started to get slick on the roads and I was getting further off when a car would come in case they were being idiots and driving super fast.  Still enjoying the run although it was getting pretty dark and the snow was starting to build up on my sunglasses; I took them off and it was brighter but snowing in my eyes now; still fun!!

Across the bridge and heading up the hill towards home; it's snowing pretty hard, but im a little bit sad to see my car come along, Scott offering a drive home; I was only .4 km off the 12 k goal, couldnt see any point in not taking the drive since i was at that moment walking in a snowbank to avoid a car; but it was a fun run!

11.6 km, 1:17:18 time. Not great, but conditions were less than ideal.

I thought I would take a little time to rest before the hockey game this afternoon but rather, I did laundry and swept, and ran around getting things done :( so hockey game was exhausting :( I could barely move! :( That wasnt' the best laid plan but really, I cannot sort out what IS a  good plan for the next 3 months :(  Moving long run day to Saturday might be my best bet ;) if the kid's hockey lets me! LOL

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