Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goals for 2011

Im not great at sticking to goals but I do need a few to keep running ;)

1. Kms run: last year I wanted 1500 and I finished with about 1692.75. So this year Im thinking 1800 would be an awesome goal.

2.  Marathon.  Do I want to run another. YES. Im actually thinking one in spring and one in fall.  Fredericton Marathon is on my radar. Nothing for fall yet.

3. 5 K PR.  I want to get a PR in this distance this year.  Which means Im likely going to run more of them. :)

4. Weight; Id like to be 5 pounds lighter next end of year than I am now. That's doable right?

5.  Drink more water.
(there, water bottle filled)

6.  30 minutes or more of activity 6 days a week.  Not average; every day.

Ok i think that is enough for one commitment shy person lol


Faith Ann said...

If you're looking for a flat course, Fredericton is a good choice!

I ran the half 2 years ago and have covered most of the full route during various training runs. If winter running goes well, I hope to do the half again this year. We shall see!

Debra-Dawn said...

hello! I came across your blog much by accident and realized that we both ran in the Cross Border challenge!

I am from Amherst and enjoyed that race quite a bit...

I live in the valley now and am trying to get motivated to run outside....

maybe tomorrow!!

keep blogging! Very motivating!!!

Scrappytbear said...

Im maybe looking for flat ;) But the Cabot Trail Relay shortly after worries me; it's NOT flat and i need to be rested LOL

DD the Cross Border Challenge was hot this year; It has potential but gotta say we did not love that rough rocky road we ran like 5 km on! LOL
I grew up in the Valley; lots of snow there. Go outside. It's not as cold as you think!

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