Friday, January 28, 2011

Something New and "old"

Monday was, as expected, extremely cold. With work being dreadful and the temps I didn't even attemp a run. And my best laid plans of an hour on the bike trainer went very wrong lol. I was charmed into comfy jammies and bed instead.

So moving on to Tuesday without a look back ;) I got up bring and early and put in a DVD...P90X is now finally started. Day 1 was chest shoulders and back, and ab ripper. I toon awhile and although I did terribly, I did the whole thing. I cannot really do a pull up without the chair and barelynwith...but I will get Better. I modified a lot of the push ups and found a lot of the crunchy things really hurt my hips and back on the cement floor. But I did the workout.

I didn't manage anything else tho lol, coming home from work early to stay with Holly, having coffee with Karen, taking Taylor for vaccinations, cooking supper, there was no good time for a run that I needed. Glad that I got the DVD in the morning done. It was damned cold anyway.

On to Wednesday and now 2 days without a run. I'm determined to not go more than 2 days without a run. Weather peermitting it should not be that hard.

Weather permitting what a joke.

I got up at 5 in the morning so I would have an hour to do day 2 of P90X before the kids got up. plyometrics. jump training. It was a lot of jumping. And squatting. And lunging. I am going to have to coordinate run days with some of these leg days.

As the day has gone on my arms and shoulders and ribs have gotten more sore. Legs so far are ok.

And last thing today before leaving work and going home, I forced, yeah, forced myself into the running clothes and out for 5 km. I so easily could have said no and gone home. It would have felt so good. But instead I got that few kms in and picked up the kids to come home. It wasn't the best run; it was cold and damp and icy and breezy but after about 5 minutes, I warmed up enough to not shiver and it got better.

Wednesday was my 38 th birthday and I found it, as usual, a bit of a hard day. I have no issues with getting older; in fact most of the time can barely believe that I am in my late 30's. It's no biggie. But for some reason I always expect birthdays to be this awesome day with people smiling and peace on earth and it still surprises me that it is just another day. Same shit to be done. Ahwell, my family always makes it super special and they are adorable so that is what counts.

After my short 5k I picked up the kids and headed home for my birthday supper and cake :) now I'm warm in a new winter coat and comfy in new yoga pants and sweater, and full of chocolate lol.

Thursday; up early for another P90X workout which was arms and shoulders this time. I liked that one. No push ups hahaha no pull ups. It was messy in weather so school was cancelled and I got the Ab Ripper X workout done as well before going to work. However with inches and inches of slush and nasty winds going on I did not make a run. Ugh.

Now it is Friday how does time fly like that?

4th day in a row of getting up at 5 am. This should make a habit eventually. I put in Yoga X without realizing it is an hour and a half! Gads no time for that.
45 minutes in I heard little feet upstairs and the coughing, gagging, vomit. Yup Annika has the stomach flu now. So no more yoga, barely out to work with some readjustment in scheduling I should get home around noon but will I get to run? It is Scott's birthday today and I cannot make him do the shopping and I can run. But I do need to get a 5 k run in. It isn't near enough according to training plan.

Have to let this not so successful running week go and start again tomorrow; I think my training plan says run 21 km. Good lord doesn't it know it is winter in NS? I will try for 10 km right after morning hockey and see if I can fit a few more in around the hockey for the rest of the day!

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Faith Ann said...

Oh, it doesn't take much talking from my comfy jammies and I'm convinced to put them on, they shout at me much louder than a workout!

I've considered the P90X program too. I've heard it's very intense. I'll be anxious to read more about your experience with it.

Happy Belated Birthday!! (I'm often disappointed that there aren't rainbows and fireworks on my birthday too lol.)

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