Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keeping Active in Wintery NS

can be challenging LOL  its cold and damp or frigid and windy or snowy or rainy but it's always interesting to see whats going to greet you when you leave the house :) 

Thursday I just could not face the cold and damp; I realise -3 isn't cold. I do.  Im not a wimp. but after spending the whole day feeling like crap, I just wanted my nice warm house. And warm, it sure was.  There's no middle ground in our house; it's either very hot or very cold.  I came home and changed and got on the bike trainer.  I lasted half an hour. It was SO boring LOL. Even tho I had a show on tv, it was still boring. And hard on the butt. And loud.  After half an hour, I did stretching and some light weights, some crunches, some planks. Yawners LOL.

Friday I took the running gear to work; weather coming was terrible, but I hoped to get out at noon while it was sunny :) And I did manage that!  5 km at tempo run pace of about 29:42 minutes.

Saturday morning was hockey; pick up hockey.  It was good :) In the afternoon, Annika's team had practice and I skated that too.  :) I had planned to go to hockey in the evening but I fell asleep and missed everything.

Sunday morning I got up early and when the kids were at church I ran around the Black Rock Road loop. It's short from the church so rather than the 12 km it was about 9; I added a bit more by running towards the bay for a bit but it was a long long downhill and I figured running back up was going to be brutal so I did turn back after a bit.  I ran to the main road and back up to the church where I arrived just as the kids were finishing. That run was particularly challenging because the dirt road loop was a sheet of ice, with tire track width gravel spots and some crunchy "groomed" patches at the sides. It was so tense; I slipped a few times and went pretty slow.  11.15 km in 1:14:42 wasnt so great for time :( But pretty good considering how icey it was. I figure running on ice should get extra bonus km points; the 13 I needed today didnt happen but 11.15 on ice should compare. It was beautiful out. But cold.  -12 with little wind chill.  Pretty good. I wore underarmour tights under my winter running tights. I wore a tech t shirt, long sleeved shirt, fleece, and my windbreaker running coat; one pair of socks and one gloves, but 2 hats; a light one to cover my ears, and a balaclava which I spent more time and energy readjusting than anything but it was really warm.  I got a sweat on for the first 6 km then was pretty wet and cold for the rest.  Ugh.  Im not sure how to avoid that.

After a bit of rest I went to our Sunday hockey game; I got 2 goals in the first 2.5 minutes, and we didn't want to totally crush the opposition so we all backed off; maybe too much since they almost tied us but we won 3-2 .

Now ready for a day off tomorrow; although I do think I will do more bike trainer and stretching and weights tomorrow evening, it's supposed to be cold with wind chill of -34 and Monday's are horrid long days for me. 

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Faith Ann said...

-3 will be warm compared to this week! It's -18 here right now and supposed to be much colder tomorrow.

I am always super impressed by people (such as yourself) who keep running outside during the winter months. I am one with my treadmill from Dec through Mar. I'm such a wimp!!

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